Right at the moment 2019 ended, the PUBG MOBILE India Official YouTube channel released PUBG Mobile India Rewind 2019 to close up 2019, a year with lots of up and down, surprises for PUBG MOBILE for India. From the PUBG Mobile India Series with the victory of Team Soul, 1st Anniversary, to Team DeathMatch, DNMK,... and many more. Let's take a seat and enjoy the video to review all the most important events of Indian PUBG Mobile in 2019.

You can watch the PUBG Mobile India Rewind 2019 right below.

In 2019, we had the very first anniversary of PUBG Mobile with the participation of Alan Walker. Players could also collect Alan Walker's hood and mask to wear in the game while listening to his song "On the way" inside vehicles.

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The 1st Anniversary of PUBG Mobile

The year 2019 also started off the zombie invasion in PUBG Mobile. It was only the Survive Till Dawn mode at first then the Darkest Night mode followed, and finally we got the Infection mode with Assasin's Creed theme.

Zombies arrived PUBG Mobile in 2019

Apart from Zombie modes, PUBG Mobile also got many other game modes such as:

  • Team Deathmatch, which allows players to have fast-paced 4v4 battles on smaller maps.
  • Pay Load mode, where there are tons of heavy weapons including grenade launchers and missile launchers and helicopters for all players to g=have fun with explosions.
  • Rage Gear mode, the most recent mode that lets players have vehicular wars against each other. You will be driving heavy weapon-mounted cars, trying to destroy other players, while doing some high-speed driving actions.
Rage Gear
Rage Gear mode lets players have vehicular fights with miniguns and missile launchers

PUBG Mobile also has been really struggling in India as people were afraid that the game would have a bad effect on youngsters, making them neglect their study and life. But it seems that everything is settled down now. PUBG Mobile is slowly being accepted by the Indian community and getting bigger every day.

Screenshot 8
Entity Gaming won the PMCO Fall Split South Asia Regional and got top 5 in the Grand Finals

Esports was one of the biggest reasons why PUBG Mobile was growing so strong in India. The year started with the victory of Team SouL in the PUBG Mobile India Series and then the PMCO Spring Split India Regional. Revenge Sports won the PUBG Mobile India Tour, Entity won the PMCO Fall Split South Asia Regional and finally, Fnatic won the PUBG Mobile All Stars India.

Maxresdefault 2
Fnatic won their first tournament ever, the PUBG Mobile All Stars India

Four different maps were added to the game Vikendi, Ware House, The Ruins, and Lost Harbor. Each was added to increase the variety of PUBG Mobile for different game modes. PUBG Mobile is planning to bring out a new Team Deathmatch map soon. We hope that more maps will come to PUBG Mobile in the future and make the game even more fun in 2020.

Webp Net Resizeimage 4 768x432
The latest Team Deathmatch map - The Ruins

PUBG Mobile India also got its very first web series ever called Dosti Ka Naya Maidan. This is a web series about friendships in PUBG Mobile. There is a total of 5 stories, each features a different story and main character. Each character has their own struggles and we will get to see them overcome their own problems through their determination and hard work.  The first episode was released in Chrismast, you can check it out below.

The second episode will be released on January 10. You can watch the trailer of it here.