The beta testing phase for the next patch of PUBG Mobile, 0.17.0, is currently in the works. Developers are currently gathering feedback from players in the test server in order to calculate the needed changes.

Michal Kalisz Dbs Lp 01
You can equip various scopes up to x6 onto the DBS shotgun

While the latest update is being tested, several new additions have been detected, such as the Amusement Park and the Extreme Cold mode. However, those were not the only things that were getting tested – based on a recent leak, the UZI Pro and the DBS is coming to PUBG Mobile

The Uzi Pro would be a big improvement over the normal Uzi

Uzi Pro is an upgraded version of the Micro Uzi, which was first added to PUBG from the PC version. It was patched to replace the Micro Uzi as part of Season 4. What makes the Uzi Pro different from its lesser counterpart? Well, it has the capacity to hold lesser attachments such as a holographic sight or red dot, which would work better and give players carrying them a bigger advantage in close combat. Previously, the Micro Uzi does not have the ability.

Michal Kalisz Dbs Lp 03
Pump action double-barreled shotgun

The other addition along with the Uzi is DBS, a double-barreled pump action Shotgun. As shotguns are inherently hard to use in PUBG, the weapon has to be overpowered to be included in something as valuable as an airdrop. The DBS uses the 12 gauge ammo, with 26x9 damage per shot. As it is a shotgun, the effective range of the DBS is just 100m – which makes the scope equipped on it useless. Overall, it is just a higher damage shotgun, which could be useful in camping inside buildings.

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