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PMPL South Asia 2020

PUBG Mobile Pro League 2020 with the title Run For Survival has come to India on March 19th, 2020. 20 elite squad, including 15 qualified teams and 5 invited teams, are joining in one of the biggest global PUBG Mobile esports events. They are divided into five groups: A-B-C-D-E. The format of this tournament was announced before: 5 matches per day, 4 match days per week, and 3 action-packed weeks.

Pmpl South Asia
PMPL South Asia has come

Now, PUBG Mobile players and fans can enjoy many exciting matches of the top players across India. Four familiar maps, Erangel, Miramar, Sanhok and Vikendi are featured during the tournament. After three weeks of the event lasting from March 19th to April 5th, only one winner will get the trophy.

PMPL India is one of the biggest PUBG Mobile esports event in this country this year. The total PMPL prize money of this tournament is $20 lakh (about INR 1.5 Crore). Unlike the previous plan of the host, PUBG Corp., and Tencent, PMPL this year will be an online event instead of an offline event. According to James Yang, the Director of PUBG Mobile Esports, they have to postpone the offline tournament due to coronavirus. It was sad to them but their priority is ensuring safety for players, staff, and fans.

Pmpl Point Rule
The Points Distribution of PMPL 2020

You can also check out the announcement on postponing the offline PMPL 2020 tournament on our website. They changed the format of the PMPL South Asia tournament from offline to online to protect attendees from coronavirus pandemic. All matches during the tournament will be streamed on YouTube.

Yang also confirmed that PUBG Mobile are trying their best to bring both players and audiences the best experience. They will also ensure the fair playground for all players to ensure the most reliable PMPL 2020 results.

PMPL 2020 India Schedule, Prize Pool, and Participants

PMPL India 2020 lasts three weeks from March 19th to April 5th. The 20 teams will compete 4 days per week and fans can watch 5 matches per day from Thursday to Sunday. Each matchday lasts from 5.30 p.m. to around 21.30 p.m.

Pmpl 2020 Schedule Week 1 Day 1
PMPL 2020 India Schedule For Day 1

The total prize pool is $20 lakh, divided for 20 standings. There will also be weekly prize money of $2,000 for the team with the highest points and the MVP of the week will get $500. The ultimate winner of the event gets $10,000 and the runner-up will get $8,000. Here’s the detailed prize pool of PMPL South Asia.

Pmpl Prize Money
The prize pool of PMPL 2020 South Asia League Stage

20 teams from five groups will compete in Regular season to find 16 top teams qualified to the final stage. PMPL South Asia Spring Final stage will take place in April. Other information about the Final stage, including PMPL 2020 date, will be announced later, after the Regular season stage. Moreover, according to PMPL 2020 results, we’ll know three top teams advanced to PUBG Mobile World League Spring 2020 Eastern Division.

Pmpl India Group A
Four teams in Group A, TSM Entity is also in Group A

Pmpl India Group B
Team SouL is in group B

Pmpl Indian Group C
Group C has the black horse Umumba RXN

Pmpl Group D
The seed team Fnatic is in group D

Pmpl India Group E
Will one of four teams in Group E be the winner of PMPL 2020 South Asia?

In 20 teams participating in this event, team SOUL, TSM Entity, and Fnatic are three seed teams. TSM Entity is a new team formed on March 6th. This team is the combination of Entity Gaming and Team Solomid who has entered India recently. They have the top players in India and also in the world.

PMPL 2020 Results

Week 1 Day 1

Two out of three seed teams, TSM Entity and Fnatic won positive results after the first matchday. With a Chicken Dinner right in the first game and high placements in the other three games, TSM Entity is standing in the first place with 80 points.

Pmpl 2020 Results Day 1
PMPL 2020 South Asia Day 1 Ended With Exciting Results

Team Fnatic won Round 4 and 60 points after four matches. So, they are occupying the second place in the overall standing. Meanwhile, another seed team, team SouL, is standing at the 6th place with one Chicken Dinner and 46 points. But significantly, team SouL had two totally failing matches at Round 3 and 4 when they finished their matches at 15th place.

Pmpl 2020 Results Day 1 Tsm Entity
TSM Entity Won The First Chicken Dinner In PMPL 2020

The black horse of the first matchday, according to PMPL 2020 results, must be Umumba RXN. This less renowned squad occupied the third place with 57 points and one Chicken Dinner in Round 3. They deserved big applause for great performance after a failing beginning in the first game. In specific, Umumba RXN was the first team to leave the battleground on the first game and the last one in the third game. What an amazing performance!

Pmpl 2020 Results Standing Day 1
The overall standing after day 1: TSM Entity #1, Fnatic #2, SouL #6

Week 1 Day 2

After the second matchday, Umumba RXN occupied the first place in the overall standings with 137 points after 10 matches. TSM Entity only played 8 matches after 2 days, they temporarily fell to third place with 121 points. Team Fnatic seemed to have an unsuccessful matchday yesterday and fell to the sixth place although they played all 10 matches. Team Syner GE made 123 points and occupied second place after Day 2.

Pmpl 2020 Results Day 2
PMPL 2020 Results After Day 2: Umumba RXN #1, SynerGE #2, TSM Entity #3

According to the latest announcement of PMPL 2020 South Asia, the tournament will be postponed due to the coronavirus outbreak. PMPL 2020 results day 3 will be updated right after the comeback of the event. Keep updated with the latest news of PMPL India 2020 here with us.

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