The core of every esports is professional players as they are the ones who make the real magic in the game and create the history for esports. But to present those stories to viewers, to build up the atmosphere and give the audiences a chill when something big happens. It's the same for PUBG Mobile. Casters are the ones who keep competitive matches alive.

Today, let's meet one of the most popular PUBG Mobile casters in India, Ocean Sharma, and see how he became a caster in the first place.

Ocean has been playing PUBG Mobile for 2 years now. At first, when he was trying to become a YouTuber, he didn't get many views, so he found another approach that no one else has done before at that time. He started studying the mechanics of the game, watching videos to see what people like, what people want to see, and how to communicate with them.

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Ocean is invited to cast in the biggest PUBG Mobile tournament in India, the PMCO

He was nervous at first and didn't know what to say in his video. But then after he has put a lot of effort into his work and learned through his own experiences. He gradually got more fans and audiences as he grew as a commentator himself. Now, Ocean is one of the best casters, analysts in India and get invited to the biggest PUBG Mobile tournaments, events.

Gamingpro Ocean YouTube channel

Ocean has a YouTube channel called Gamingpro Ocean, where he uploads his video regularly to explain many valuable things in PUBG Mobile. You can come by and check out his channel to learn one or two things form him.

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