There is another new Free Fire character coming, who is now only available on the Advance Server. Garena is definitely gearing up for another major update which will bring several new characters and weapons to the game, and probably many more novelties and changes.

This time, a new female character was recently announced by Garena who is already in action on the Advance Server. The new Free Fire character's name is Clu.

clu free fire new character
The appearance of Clu is quite American Wild West-inspired and looks like the black-haired version of Ashe from 'Overwatch'

Based on her looks you can tell there's a lot of similarities between Clu and Ashe from 'Overwatch', from the similar-looking emblem on the hat to rest of the Cowboy outfit.

Here's the tweet which announced the arrival of this new character from the Brazil Free Fire official account:

There's more news coming to Free Fire, my people! Clu is the new[est] character to join the team. Your [Delivering Gold] ability shows enemies that are not crouched or prone. Teammates share skill effects from level 4 onwards.

The new Free Fire character Clu has a very interesting and tactically useful ability, which is called "Tracing Steps". Thanks to this ability, Clu can detect enemies that are not crouched or lying. Additionally, Clu can extend this ability to her squadmates once the ability reaches level 4. This ability explains why her name is "Clu", which rhymes with "Clue".

free fire new character clu wolfrahh
Based on this screenshot, you can tell that the new character will cost 599 Diamonds, which is the same as previously announced Wolfrahh

The tweet was made available to Free Fire fans in Brazil, where they currently have an Advance Server, which tests various changes and news that will come to the game in the future. Along with Clu, at least another new character will also come to Free Fire, such as Wolfrahh, weapons like the M82B, and a new pet like Falco.

Free Fire New Character Clu Ability
A brief look at the new character's new ability

We don't have a date for the upcoming update yet, but it will definitely be an update loaded with new content for Garena's highly popular Battle Royale. Although there have been rumors that the next update will be out by June 5, just in time for the summer heat to arrive, and for us to hopefully break the quarantine to enjoy it!

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