You are probably very aware that Free Fire is one of the most popular games in many countries and around the world, including India. But how popular is it, exactly? To give you an idea, Garena's Battle Royale recently peaked at 80 million active users in just one day.

According to Daniel Ahmad, an analyst of the video game industry, Garena revealed that in the last fiscal quarter Free Fire reached a peak of 80 million users a day.

But that's not all, as the study also revealed that in April 2020, Free Fire broke its record for monthly users. Although the study preferred not to give an exact figure, it did specify that it doubled the number of users it had in April 2019.


In his post, Ahmad also noted that Free Fire was the mobile game that generated the most revenue during the first fiscal quarter of 2020 in Latin America. That is, it generated more than games like Fortnite: Battle Royale for mobile or Call of Duty: Mobile in the same region.

But that is not all since he also pointed out that it is very popular in India. Although the percentage of players from India only makes up 10% of the monthly users, which is probably not as high as some of us must have thought.

Best Free Fire players in India 2020
Free Fire is very popular among Indians, but there are places where the game is everywhere!

The news came just after the reveal of the game's latest playable character, Wolfrahh. As we have reported previously, his special ability is called 'Center of Attention' and it allows him to do extra damage to an enemy's arms and legs. However, his headshot damage is reduced with this ability.

Thanks to this ability, Wolfrahh will be a boon to players who struggle with aiming a bit, or new players who haven't gotten used to the game enough to hit headshots frequently. With this new character, they can compensate by hitting elsewhere on the opponent's body. This is very helpful at close range.

free fire new character wolfrahh
Garena is hard at work improving the game constantly

Forrest Li, Sea's Chairman and Group CEO, believes that Free Fire's immense user base has been achieved thanks to "our constant efforts to engage new and existing users with fresh, creative, and highly localised content."

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