As Survivors, you probably already know that Free Fire as a Battle Royale game is more exciting when compared to other games of the same genre. This is because of the fact that there are many choices of characters that you can pick from.

free fire quiz
It's crazy to think that characters know each other and must try to kill one another!

These characters have different abilities and effects. But they also have some very interesting background stories to learn about. As of now, there are 28 Free Fire characters at your disposal. The newest character, Kapella, was released in April 2020.

However, do you know that every Free Fire character also has a relationship with each other? If you think you know the relationships between the characters in Free Fire, prove it by answering the Free Fire quiz below. Don't peak at the answers at the bottom of the quiz until you have decided to give up completely:

1. Who is Hayato's cousin?

  • Kapella
  • Steffie
  • Kelly
  • Caroline

2. Who is Olivia's lover?

  • Andrew
  • Ford
  • Antonio
  • Miguel
free fire Olivia
Olivia the sexy nurse

3. What is Ford's relationship with Laura?

  • Superiors and subordinates
  • Former colleague
  • Father and son
  • Ex-lover

4. What is Miguel's relationship with Antonio?

free fire miguel character
Antonio the gangster

5. Who is Paloma's lover?

  • Antonio
  • Miguel
  • Jota
  • Kla

6. Who is Laura's old friend?

  • Alok
  • Rafael
  • Moco
  • Nikita
Free Fire Laura
Laura is one of the best characters you can have

7. Who are Miguel's old friends?

  • Joseph and Olivia
  • Antonio and Paloma
  • Nikita and Andrew
  • Rafael and Ford

8. Who is Caroline's bodyguard?

  • Alvaro
  • Kla
  • Antonio
  • Nikita
Free Fire Caroline
You'd never think a girl who looks like Caroline would be such a killer!

9. Who is Kelly's stepfather?

  • Rafael
  • Alok
  • Andrew
  • Joseph

10. Who is Maxim's classmate?

  • Misha
  • Kelly
  • Caroline
  • Kapella
Free Fire Maxim Jacket
If only you could eat so much and still be in shape

11. What is Moco's relationship with Steffie?

  • Sibling
  • Colleague
  • Cousin
  • Friend

12. Who is Misha's sister?

Misha Garena Free Fire

13. Who is Moco's boss?

14. What is Caroline's relationship with Kelly?

free fire character

15. Who is Shani's friend?

Free Fire Quiz Answers

1. Kelly
2. Ford
3. Former colleague
4. Childhood friend
5. Antonio
6. Rafael
7. Antonio and Paloma
8. Nikita
9. Andrew
10. Kelly
11. Colleague
12. Maxim
13. Joseph
14. Friend
15. A124

If you managed to get 15/15 on this Free Fire quiz, then you are simply a walking encyclopedia on Free Fire and the characters. If esports tournaments included the testing of your knowledge about the game, then you'd certainly win some top prizes!

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