More and more official information is coming out about the next update for Free Fire before it is officially released to the public. We previously reported on a new, very powerful sniper rifle coming to the game, the M82B, which most likely will accompany the next update. And now, we finally have confirmed information on the next Free Fire new character of the game, who goes by Wolfrahh Free Fire.

Freefire New Sniper Rifle M82b wolfrahh free fire
We know that a very powerful sniper rifle, even more powerful than the AWM, will be part of the FF arsenal

On the Garena Free Fire Official Twitter account for Brazil, the developers announced the next Survivor coming to the Bermuda islands and the Kalahari deserts will be an eboy-looking young man named Wolfrahh. In addition to his interesting looks, his ability has an interesting name as well as an interesting function.

The tweet says Wolfrahh Free Fire is coming to your screen for Free Fire, and he comes with the "Center of Attention" ability, which reduces the headshot damage he can inflict but increases damage to the enemy's limbs like arms and legs.

Also, take a look at his shirt which has a bar that says "Subscribe" on the side. Does this mean that our Free Fire new character Wolfrahh will be a YouTuber or some kind of social media influencer, who needs to be the center of attention? That certainly explains his appearance and the name of his ability!

Looks like Wolfrahh Free Fire will be a boon to players who struggle with aiming a bit, or new players who haven't gotten used to the game enough to hit headshots frequently. With this new character, they can compensate by hitting elsewhere on the opponent's body.

Previously, there were some rumors regarding a certain "Lucas" coming to your favorite Battle Royale game, but the chances of that happening are almost non-existent now. Perhaps the character could still come out at a later date, if he does exist, or it was simply an unfounded rumor and there was never any Lucas in the first place.

Free Fire Lucas Character Rumor wolfrahh free fire
We don't know whether Lucas could still come out later, or if he's even a real character under development

But now that we know an actual new character will be here soon, alongside a new sniper rifle announced just a couple of days ago, Garena will probably fill you in on everything that is coming with the next update in the days ahead. You won't need to rely on rumors to figure out what Garena has in store for us.

Although, there is still no official date on when the OB22 update will arrive. But we'll stay on top òf it and report on any new development as soon as we can.

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