From its worldwide launch, Free Fire has chosen a completely different path from other survival games. If similar games seek balance in all aspects from weapons, and characters, Free Fire does the exact opposite.

That is, Free Fire offers a unique character set, each has a different skill to help you win the match. They even introduce features such as Pet, gun skin to enhance power. The two newly released Free Fire characters, Jota and Kapella, have created a backlash in the gaming community for their hegemony skill sets. This trait of the game will be maintained as the next update is likely to add a new “broken” character to the battlefield. 

Free Fire lucas 1
Lucas will join the Free Fire characters

Free Fire currently has a collection of different characters available. Most of them are fictional, but some are inspired by real-life characters. The upcoming character will be in that minority. So far, the two previous real-life characters presented in Free Fire are pretty much "broken". It won't be a big surprise if we the newcomer Lucas possesses a powerful skill set as well.

The new Free Fire character likely to be released next time is called Lucas.  His figure was inspired by a Brazilian footballer named “Lucas Silva Borges”. After DJ Alok and Jota, the new character “Lucas” will become the third real-life character in the game. Like his predecessors, Lucas also comes with a special set of abilities.

lucas free fire 2
The first look into Lucas' character model

Lucas's unique skill is called “Hat-trick”. For every Kill, Lucas gains a significant bonus in maximum HP (his default HP is 200). It feels like the character of 'Antonio' ​​who can also increase his HP. However, Antonio comes with higher base health of  235, when Lucas's is only 200. However, you can expect the character will join the battlefield with a powerful skill set.