Team Deathmatch is one of the most popular game modes in all shooter games – almost all other top tier battle royale have them. Free Fire, however, takes another direction – Team Deathmatch is just another limited-time mode in this game. In this guide, we would list out some of the best tips and tricks for the mode in case it ever comes back. This guide can also be applied to the Kill Secured mode as well, as its just Team Deathmatch with a small twist of having to pick up dog tags.

Free Fre Tdm Equipments
Equipment sets that you can pick at the beginning of the game

In this mode, players have to pick between 4 sets of equipment at the beginning of the match – and after every time they die. The respawn time in this mode is rather short – it is actually really fun to play if you prefer rushing. Below are the seven most important things that you should keep in mind while playing Free Fire TDM mode.

1 – Keep moving

You would need to continue moving around. With the respawn time being super short, it is very likely that enemies would come back to your current location after they respawn.

Picking up the boost is pretty important

2 – Pick your weapons carefully

Pick the weapon sets based on your playstyle/game plan. If you are going to engage enemies in close-quarter, get UMP/Shotgun instead of AR/VSS.

3 – Get the high ground advantage

The high ground gives you better coverage and is a great vantage point to scout for incoming attacks. It's also easier to perform headshots as well.

4 – Learn to use the Grappling hook

The perfect item to catch your enemies off guard. Use it to get to locations that are usually out of reach.

This map is best for people who love rushing

5 – Collect powerups

Be on the lookout for the upgrade orbs randomly spawned around – they offer extra health, armor, and ammunition.

6 – Make use of your invincibility period

You get a short period of invincibility on spawn – if enemies are camping the base, take the chance to make them pay by spraying as much as possible.

7 – Stay alert and stop rushing on the last 5 kills

The first team to get 40 kills would win the match – it is completely possible for the enemies to make a come back at any time if you are not careful. Play slow, stick together at that crucial stage instead of rushing.

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