Free Fire Clash Squad is a new exciting game mode that is available on the Bermuda map now. But this exciting game mode has come to the new map in this game, Kalahari. But only Casual Class Squad mode, not Ranked Clash Squad mode, comes to this desert map. Check it out here with

Free Fire Casual Clash Squad Has Arrived In Kalahari Map

The servers have been under maintenance recently. The developers also informed that it was not a patch update and there was no new feature added. But after the maintenance, the size of servers was expanded. Besides, the Casual Clash Squad mode also comes to the desert map Kalahari.

Casual Cs Mode Will Be Available On Kalahari Map
Casual CS Mode Will Be Available On Kalahari Map

Moreover, the developers also adjusted the weapon prices and damage players take from the electric zone. The Clash Squad came to Free Fire at 5.30 p.m. on May 7th. In the casual Clash Squad mode, two squads of four players will fight each other in a small area on the Kalahari map. A match has 7 rounds in total. And the team winning 4 rounds will be the ultimate winner.

Cs Mode Free Fire Weapon Shop
You need to earn money to buy weapons

All players will grab pistols at the beginning of the match. You need to complete the first round with this weapon only and try to earn money by causing damage to the enemies. The system gives you $100 at the beginning of the match. And you need to increase that amount of cash to buy better guns and ammo at the end of each round.

Each round of a Clash Squad match lasts for around 2 minutes. To win this game, you need both skills and strong guns. Therefore, you have to try to earn as much as possible to buy powerful weapons. However, the round will finish sooner right after you clear the opponent team. The coming of Clash Squad to Kalahari map will bring you lots of excitement and new gameplay.