Garena Free Fire continued to introduce a new time-limited event called Spine Punk to prepare for the coming of a new incubator to this game. This event takes place from May 5th to 25th and the new incubator will come to Free Fire on May 17th, 2020. Like previous events, Free Fire Spine Punk also includes several sections. Here’s a detailed guide on how to complete this event.

Free Fire Spine Punk Event
Free Fire Spine Punk Event

Ready To Punk?

The very first sub-event of Free Fire Spine Punk is titled ‘Ready to Punk?’ taking place from May 5th to 9th. Your mission is collecting the star tokens to exchange for many exclusive rewards. To collect star tokens, you need to complete a list of missions below:

  • 5 – 10 matches in casual classic mode
  • 2 – 5 matches in rank classic mode
  • 5 matches in classic clash squad mode
  • 2 – 10 – 20 matches in rank clash squad mode

After collecting these missions, you can collect a number of star tokens to redeem these rewards.

Ready To Punk Rewards
Here are the rewards you can redeem in 'Ready To Punk?'

Token Exchange

When the Ready to Punk event is over, Token Exchange will begin on May 9th and last until May 18th. During this event, players need to collect Blue and Pink Tokens to make Skull Tokens. Then, you use the Skull Token to redeem exclusive rewards like Loot Crate skin, Backpack skin, Evolution Stone, Banner, and more.

Free Fire Spine Punk Event Backpack Skin
Get Exclusive Backpack Skin From Spine Punk Event

Let’s Get Punk

The third phase of the Free Fire Spine Punk event is titled ‘Let’s Get Punk’ lasting from May 5th to 24th, 2020. Like in two previous sub-events, you also need to collect an unknown token by completing in-game missions. In this event, Free Fire players can get some attractive rewards, such as Incubator Vouchers, Surfboard Board skin, and Parachute skin.

Baby Shark Emote
You Can Get A Baby Shark Emote From Spine Punk Event

Login Rewards

As briefly introduced, the incubator named Spine Punk will officially come to Free Fire on May 17th, 2020. When you log into the game on that day, you will get a lot of login rewards, including a special permanent emote called “Baby Shark”. Besides, the event also introduces a new mode: Gun King available from May 17th to 24th. It’s pretty similar to the TDM mode but you need to kill enemies to upgrade your weapons. The one who completes the gun mission first will be the winner.

Free Fire Gun King Mode
Free Fire Gun King Mode