Free Fire Clash Squad is a face-paced mode where 2 teams of 4 players face each other in a small area. The mode requires a large amount of coordination among members of the team to achieve victory and gain money to buy weapons. However, there are many common mistakes in Clash Squad that players can make, dampening their winning chance. Fortunately, these mistakes are very easy to avoid once you notice them.

1. Buy the wrong items

Unlike Battle Royale mode, players need to buy their own weapons items in Clash Squad. The money from each round is limited, especially if you lose you need to be careful of what you want to.  If you prioritize the wrong things it can lead to a snowball effect and cost you a whole match.

If you are short of money, you can choose a cheaper weapon so you can buy Gloo Wall, Grenade,...

Clash squad shop
You need to spend money to buy your own items in Clash Squad.

2. Not using good characters

This is one of the most common mistakes in Clash Squad. They bring their characters combo in Battle Royale mode into Clash Squad mode. However, many characters who excel in Battle Royale mode are bad in Clash Squad modes, such as Luqueta, Maxim, or Wolfrahh.

It is recommended that you have a separate character combo for Clash Squad mode.

Luqueta Skill
All Luqueta buff will go away after each round of Clash Squad.

3. Not a team player

Coordinating with your teammate will make your life much easier in Clash Squad mode. When you set up for a 2 vs 1 situation, the outcome will almost always go in your favor. On the contrary, if you always go alone, the other team will be able to outnumber you easily.

4. Rush enemy without thinking

Since Clash Squad is a fast-paced game, many players often just rush forward right when the round begins. This only gives your opponent more chances to ambush you and get an easy kill.

Freefire Clashsquadguide 2020 S2
Some players rush immediately when the round starts in Clash Squad.

5. Not assigning roles

Having an imbalance of roles in a team can lead to a losing match in Clash Squad. This is a heavily strategic mode, and the players with the better mindset will come out on top. Sadly, most players don't bother having roles at all, especially when playing with random players.

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