Chrono was released in Free Fire at the beginning of 2020 in the collaboration with Christiano Ronaldo and he has been one of the best characters to obtain. His ability to protect the player with a shield while letting them attack outside enemies was way too powerful.

Free Fire Chrono1
Chrono used to be the best character in Free Fire for a long time.

Even after several nerf with his skill cooldown and duration, the character is still widely used because he is simply too good. After the OB31 update, the dev finally put an end to it all by removing the ability to shoot through the shield of Chrono. While this is great news for other players, Chrono's players are now left with an underwhelming character. While the nerf was meant to increase the balanced gameplay for everyone, Garena might just have overdone it.

Here are the 3 reasons why Garena needs to buff up Chrono in the next update.

1. Chrono players have to change their playstyle

With the old Chrono ability players can rush building and destroy the enemies while being inside Chrono's shield. That playstyle is no longer viable after the change. Many players are still struggling to find a new playstyle that fits the new Chrono's ability.

Chrono Ob31 Free Fire
Players can no longer shoot through Chrono's shield anymore.

2. The current Chrono ability is not very useful

Chrono's ability is currently only good for defensive purposes only. While the shield has 800 HP, the cooldown of the skill is too long and the movement speed bonus is removed. Players cannot use the ability as frequently as other characters such as Alok and Skyler.

Free Fire Chrono
The cooldown of Chrono's ability is too long now.

3. It is unfair for players who bought Chrono

Chrono was never a free character. Players need to buy him for quite a price of 599 Diamonds and it is likely that they have to spend real money on him. The nerf has completely changed the way Chrono's ability works, which makes many people feel like they got ripped off.

Chrono Buy Free Fire
You need to spend 599 Diamonds to buy Chrono from the store.

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