Free Fire's last patch of the year, OB31, is coming out on December 4. It is going to bring massive change to the battle royale, with the biggest being Chrono's Shield rework. In this article, we are going to analyze the change and showcase how to use Chrono's new shield in Free Fire Ob31.

Chrono is finally balanced after one year of changes.

1. What are the changes for Chrono's shield in OB31?

Chrono's CR7 event is the biggest collab in Free Fire to date, and because of that, Garena made the character overpowered to create hype. Since then, he has been dominating the Free Fire Meta - even after numerous nerfs. The shield is just too strong - it provides perfect defense while letting you fire from the inside.

Overall, this skill is cancer to Free Fire gameplay, as the only counter to it is to put up your own shield or retreat.

However, everything is going to change in OB31. Instead of continuing to nerf the skill, Garena has decided to rework it altogether. In the upcoming patch, players can't shoot through Chrono's shield from the inside anymore. This might be the end of Chrono Meta, almost one year since his release.

Chrono's shield reworked
Chrono's shield is much harder to use now instead of just "fire and forget".

2. How to use Chrono's new shield in Free Fire OB31?

Chrono's Time Turner in OB31 will get a massive cooldown reduction. While 120s is still nowhere near its original 45s cooldown, players can at least use the skill a few times per match now instead of just once.

The duration of the shield gets bumped to 6 seconds at max level, almost enough to cover a medkit usage. Still nowhere near the original duration of 8-10 seconds, of course. The movement speed bonus inside the shield was removed - overall not a big loss as people usually don't move much inside it anyway.

Chrono's Time Turner
Chrono's new shield in Free Fire OB31 lacks what made the skill good before.

Overall, instead of using the skill offensively, players now need to use it as a purely defensive skill. Just treat it as a Gloo Wall with 120 second cooldown that allows you to see through it. A shield could block enemy fire and provide you with enough time to either heal or help your teammate up.

As no one can shoot through it, throwing the shield on top of an opponent might actually be a good idea when facing multiple foes. Just drop the shield on one guy to prevent him from firing and focus on the other.

3. Which characters to combo with Chrono in OB31?

Overall, defensive passives that allow you to heal are the best skills to use with OB31 Chrono. Maxim's Gluttony, Leon's Buzzer Beater and Thiva's Vital Vibes are the biggest candidates. You can also pick up some of the offensive passive, of course, to make up for the loss from Chrono's shield.

Maxim Free Fire
Maxim actually get nerfed slightly in OB31.

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