It appears that Chrono's ability is going to get a big nerf in the OB31 update. He will no longer be able to shoot other players from inside the shield anymore and the bonus movement speed is also gone. He is more a defensive character now rather than a fearsome killer

For players who have been playing Chrono all this time to climb rank, this is very bad news. In this article, we will show you characters to replace Chrono's dominance in the next update.


Alok has always been one of the best characters in Free Fire ever since he was released. His Drop The Beat ability creates a circle around the player that provides heal regen and movement speed. Since Chrono will be out of the picture in the next update, there is a huge chance that Alok will return to become the best character in Free Fire.

Free Fire Dj Alok
Alok has always been one of the best characters in Free Fire.


Skyler is one of the few characters in Free Fire that can provide you with both defensive and offensive power. His ability releases a shockwave that destroys all Gloo Walls in its path. In addition, whenever you place a Gloo Wall, you will get HP regeneration starting from 9 HP.

Free Fire Skyler Shirou New Characters En 1
Free Fire Skyler can give you a lot of HP regen during combat as well as the ability to destroy enemies' Gloo Wall


K will get a buff in the OB31 update. He can regen your EP all the way up to 250 and the EP regeneration rate is improved to 2 EP per second, which is doubled. This is a huge improvement and it will definitely make him much more popular in the upcoming update.

Equip Master Of All
You should use K's ability, Master Of All, after the OB31 update.

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