Garena has been gradually announcing the new features of the OB31 patch in the last few days. In this article, we are going to list out all confirmed features for Free Fire OB31. The patch is going to be released tomorrow for all regions.

1. New MAC10 weapon and armor attachments

The MAC10 is a new SMG designed for close stealth combat. It comes with a pre-attached silencer. Players can probably use this weapon in many situations, especially inside buildings.

Vest enlarger and Helmet thickener are going to be super strong items, as the bonuses they give are massive. These attachments will counter the armor penetration bonuses from skills and weapons.

MAC10 weapon and armor attachments
The armor attachments in Free Fire OB31 would make the user much harder to kill.

2. Chrono's shield reworked

Players can't shoot through Chrono's shield from the inside anymore. This is probably the end of Chrono Meta, almost one year since his release.

Chrono's shield reworked
Chrono's shield is pretty useless now.

3. FF Token Adjustments

Players can now pick up tokens in stacks. This would save a lot of time, as previously players need to pick them up repeatedly.

FF Token Adjustments
Players can be much more efficient in picking up tokens Free Fire OB31.

4. Full view experience

Map locations are shown upon jumping out of the airplane. This is a substantial change that would improve the coordination of players.

Full view experience
Full view experience makes the landing much easier for new players.

5. Snow theme on spawn island

The spawn island gains a new snow theme that players can enjoy.

Snow theme on spawn island
Snow theme to celebrate winter events.

6. Clash Squad spawn adjustment

2 spawn locations in Academy and Mill have been modified. Previously, these spots have a lot of disadvantages when spawning, which can lead to an unfair game.

Clash Squad spawn adjustment
Clash Squad is more balanced now on the two locations.

7. Clash Squad item adjustments

Players can now only carry two grenades in one round of Clash Squad. This is to reduce the effectiveness of the Grenade spamming strategy.

On the other hand, players can now request items from their teammates now. This reduces the need of wasting time on communication.

Clash Squad item adjustments
Clash Squad item adjustments limit players' ability to spam grenades.

8. Lone Wolf Upgraded

The rules of Lone Wolf is now changed. Players cannot use the same gun repeatedly now, and every few rounds, one team will be able to choose the weapon for everyone to use. This will bring much more variants to Lone Wolf gameplay, which was considered boring prior to this update.

Lone Wolf Upgraded
Lone Wolf will definitely be worth playing in Free Fire OB31

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9. Weapon crate optimization

Crates acquired can be found in Armory. Players can use tokens to open them and get weapon skins.

Weapon crate optimization
Weapon crate optimization makes it easy to acquire skins.

10. Veteran system updated

After the OB31 Update, the Veteran Return System will get a new roster of prizes. Players will be able to get lots of cool new rewards at these events. However, it is vital that you claim the current rewards now, as the old system will be removed after the new patch.

Veteran system updated
Players can probably use existing alt accounts to get these rewards.

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