In every new patch, Free Fire introduces new changes to weapons to bring more balance into the game. In this article, we are going to show the 4 weapons that will receive buffs in the upcoming OB31 update.

1. Kar98

The Kar98 is one of the 3 sniper rifles in Free Fire and it is also the weakest one. It doesn't have as much power as the AWM or the ability to shoot through Gloo Wall like the M82B. That's why this weapon is going to get buffed in the update with an additional 10% Rate of Fire.

Kar98 Free Fire
The Kar98 is the weakest sniper rifle in Free Fire.

2. M60

The M60 is a powerful weapon that can unload a great amount of damage in Machine Gun mode. However, its recoil hinders the weapon a lot from its potential. The M60 will receive a 30% recoil reduction in Machine Gun mode in the next update.

M60 Viper Gangster Weapon Royale 1
The M60 will become even more deadly in the Machine Gun mode in the OB31 update.

3. MP5-X

The MP5-X has always been quite a mediocre choice among all the SMGs in Free Fire. In the next update, the weapon will get a 5% rate of fire buff.

Free Fire Smg List Mp5
The MP5-X will get a 5% increased rate of fire in the upcoming update.


The SCAR will get a 10% recoil reduction in the OB31, making it a truly newbie-friendly weapon to use. This weapon has always been one of the simplest weapons to use in Free Fire with its balanced stats and stability. We can expect that the SCAR will become the trending weapon in Free Fire after the OB31 update.

Scar Fondo
The SCAR gets a big buff in the OB31 update and it is expected to be one of the best guns in the game with this update.

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