Garena Free Fire utilities are very useful. Sometimes, they can save your life and help you get Booyah. Here are the best pro tips and tricks to use utilities wisely in Garena Free Fire. These tips may help beginners get pro faster.

#1. Escape From House Combat With Smoke

Most beginners prefer camping gameplay. But sometimes, it's very dangerous and life-threatening when you are surrounded and rushed by some opponents. In this case, you can throw some smoke grenades to blind enemies and escape the house. Don't stay inside the house and wait for enemies to rush. Passive gameplay when being rushed can put you in a deadly situation.

Use Smoke To Escape Houses
Use smoke to escape houses when being rushed.

#2. Climb Structures With Gloo Walls

Gloo Wall is a special utility in Garena Free Fire. It works like the shield in other battle royale games. But it's more special because you can stack Gloo Walls to make stairs to climb high structures.

For example, many pro players prefer climbing the second-floor balcony by using Gloo Walls. There are some high towers for scouting on the map but you need to stack some Gloo Walls to climb.

Stack Gloo Walls
Stack Gloo Walls to climb on high structures.

#3. Distract Enemies By Decoy Grenades

If you are surrounded by a full squad when being alone, you can throw some decoy grenades in some corners to make enemies distracted. Then, they don't know where you exactly are.

Besides, enemies can be attracted by these effigies. Then, they will make mistakes. It's a chance for you to escape the fight if you are not really ready for it, or you can find the right moment to take them down.

Make Some Effigies To Distract Enemies
Make some effigies to distract enemies.

#4. Defend With 360-Degree Gloo Walls

The main use of Gloo Wall in Free Fire is defense. Most pro players in this game master the 360° Gloo Wall trick to protect themselves well. If you cannot use this trick, just use a simple shield to hide to you may trap yourself insides. Then, enemies can kill you with some frag grenade before you can escape your trap.

To make a perfect 360° Gloo Wall, you need to arrange them in different layers and leave an exit.

Master 360 Gloo Wall
Master 360° Gloo Wall tricks.

#5. Use Smoke In Close Combat

In close combat, both you and your enemies are easy and big targets to shoot down. So, you need to rely on your aiming and shooting skills. It's harder for beginners to win without tricks and utilities. You can use smoke in these situations to cover your way and fire.

You can hide in the smoke to reduce the enemy's accuracy and make the fight equal for noobs and pro players. Besides, you can also heal and reload bullets while hiding in the smoke.

Use Smoke Granades To Reduce Enemys Accuracy
Use smoke grenades to reduce the enemy's accuracy.

#6. Use Surfboard To Go Downhill Faster

The surfboard is a useful utility for players to move faster, especially when moving downhill. It helps players increase their mobility when traversing the map. It's very efficient when players need to enter the playing zone or escape combat. Although it does not as safe as the car, the surfboard is very silent. So, it won't reveal your position on the battleground.

Don't underestimate utilities in Garena Free Fire. These Free Fire utilities are more efficient than you think.

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