Aditech is a popular Free Fire YouTuber in India with 4.7 million subscribers while being only 14 years old. The young fellow is not only a great Free Fire but also very creative and has a great sense of humor. He blends his amazing gameplay with many of his ideas to make interesting content for his YouTube channel.

In this article, we are going to find out about Aditech Free Fire ID, stats, monthly income, subscribers, bio, and more.

1. Aditech Free Fire age, real name

Aditech's real name is Atharv Rao. He was born in 2007 in India so he is currently 14 years old. Aditech started his YouTube channel in May 2018 and has 4.7 million subscribers on his channel at the moment. He mostly makes Free Fire videos with some challenge, prank videos here and there once in a while.

Aditech Free Fire Face
Aditech is only 14 years old but his YouTube channel has already reached 4.79 million subscribers.

2. Aditech Free Fire ID and stats

Aditech Free Fire ID is 779084851.

Aditech's profile is currently at level 71. He has a total of 19165 likes on his profile. He is a player who gears toward working as a team. He reached Heroic rank in the Ranked Battle Royale Season 23. In the current season, he is at Diamond II rank.

At the top corner of his avatar, we can see a small V Badge icon. His profile description says:


Aditech Free Fire Id
Aditech Free Fire ID and in-game profile.

Let's take a look below and see how good he is in Battle Royale and Clash Squad mode.

Lifetime Battle Royale stats

Aditech played a total of 5372 matches in Battle Royale Squad mode and won 2248 of them, which is a 41.84% win rate. He got a total of 14061 kills, which translates to a K/D ratio of 2.61.

In Duo mode, he played a total of 2234 games with 217 wins, which is a 9.7% win rate. He accumulated a total of 4348 kills with a K/D ratio of 1.94.

In Solo mode, the YouTuber played 2037 matches with 211 wins and a win rate of 10,3%. He got a total of 3776 kills in those matches, which is a 1.85 K/D ratio.

Aditech Free Fire 1
Aditech Free Fire plays Solo and Duo just as much as he plays Squad.

Overall, Aditech is one of the rare YouTubers who play all 3 modes in Battle Royale rather equally. Half of his matches in the Battle Royale mode are in Squad and the other half of matches are split between Solo mode and Duo mode.

However, just like other players, he has the highest win rate in Squad mode. His win rate in the Squad mode is actually impressive with a 41.84% win rate even though he only has 5372 matches in total.

Lifetime Clash Squad stats

Aditech has a total of 2912 Clash Squad games and won 1343 of them, which is a 46.12% win rate. He has a really high headshot rate of 61.85% and took down a total of 17031 players in Clash Squad mode. He is not much of a team player in Clash Squad. He likes charging head in first to lead the team and get kills. That's why he gets a lot of kills but his K/D is not that high because he also dies a lot.

Aditech Free Fire 2
Aditech Free Fire lifetime stats in Clash Squad mode.

Note that the stats in this article were recorded at the time of writing. They are subject to change as the YouTuber plays more games in Garena Free Fire.

3. Aditech Free Fire monthly income

According to Social Blade, Aditech got almost 28 million views in the last 30 days, which means he earned around Rs 650,000 within 1 month from YouTube ads. Statistics also project Aditech annual income could reach up to $1.3 million, equivalent to 96,970,250 Indian rupees.

In fact, his total income can be much more with sponsors and business deals.

Aditech Free Fire 3
Aditech Free Fire's income

4. Aditech Free Fire social media and Youtube accounts

Other than his Youtube channels, Aditech Free Fire has an Instagram page with 449 thousand subscribers and an official Facebook fan page with 6780 followers.

Aditech Instagram
Aditech Instagram has a lot of followers.

Aditech Free Fire YouTube channels

Aditech has a total of 4 YouTube channels. He creates 3 more channels on top of the main channel to discover and try to do new types of content for his viewers.


ADITECH channel is the main YouTube channel with 4.7 million subscribers. The channel actually doesn't gain much attention until the last year, when one of his videos titled "Rich Random Girl Called Me Noob" went viral and got millions of views. His channel has been growing rapidly since then as he releases more interesting videos.

  • Gaming Logger

This is his secondary channel where he Vlogs his real life, vacations, his friends, and family. The channel is currently having 435 thousand subscribers.


ADITECH ARMY is another channel where he mostly posts Free Fire content. The channel is currently having 307 thousand subscribers.

  • Aditech Shorts

This is his latest Shorts channel to catch up with the new short videos trend on YouTube. There are currently only a few videos on the channels but all of them have a lot of views.

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