In Free Fire, there are a lot of game elements and achievements players might not notice. Apart from items such as gun skins and bundles, there are badges that players can earn to show off on their profile and next to their user name. While most items in Free Fire can be obtained through purchases using Diamonds, you can only earn badges by achieving certain feats. One of the most precious and hardest to get Badges is the Free Fire V Badge symbol. 

Free Fire Emblem
There are different things you can earn in Free Fire that you can use to show off on your profile

In this article, we will show you how to get the Free Fire V Badge symbol and add it to your profile.

What is Free Fire V Badge symbol?

Free Fire V Badge symbol is a special Badge that can only be given by Garena Officials and cannot be obtained in other ways. This is Badge will prove that you are a Verified Free Fire influencer (like a pro player, a famous streamer) who has joined an official Free Fire tournament. This is why it is special and not all players will be able to obtain this Badge.

Free Fire V Badge
You can find V Badge on the avatar of Free Fire pro players.

How to get Free Fire V Badge symbol?

As mention, in order to get the V Badge in Free Fire, you need to join an official Free Fire tournament held by Garena or other big organizations. This Badge can be permanent for time-limited, depending on the tournament you have been in.

Here are all the ways for you to earn a V Badge symbol in Free Fire.

Major Free Fire Official Tournaments

Free Fire has a running esports system throughout the year with multiple national and international tournaments, for example, the Free Fire World Series. When you join these tournaments and achieve good results, there will be a chance that Garena Free Fire will contact you and give you this Badge.

Free Fire World Series
Being in big official Free Fire tournament by Garena will earn you a V Badge.

Free Fire Partner Program

Free Fire Partner Program is a program where Free Fire partner up with content creators and influencers. People in this program will gain exclusive benefits such as in-game rewards, Diamonds, featured on Free Fire social media, in-game codes, being invited to tournaments and events.

Plus, they will get a V Badge from Garena Free Fire to prove that they are a Verified player.

Garena Partner Program
By joining the Garena Partner Program, you will become a Verified player and get the Badge.

But to gain these benefits, your channel needs to be at 500,000 subscribers and do almost only Free Fire content.

Other Free Fire Esports Tournaments

If you participate in big Free Fire tournaments that are held by big esports organizations but not Garena, you might get a temporary Free Fire V Badge symbol but only for a limited amount of time. Usually, these Badges last until the end of those tournaments.

You can check for the detailed roadmap of Free Fire tournaments in India in 2021 for preparation.

Free Fire City Open Tournament Season 7
You can get a temporary V Badge if you participate in big Free Fire tournaments.

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How to add Free Fire V Badge symbol to your profile?

Not everyone can be a pro player who joins official Garena Free Fire tournaments or be a YouTuber with hundreds of thousands of subscribers. However, there is still a way for you to have this Badge in your profile. Note that this is not a real V Badge so it will not show next to your name or avatar, only in your profile in the Signature section.

Follow the steps below to add the V Badge symbol to your Free Fire profile:

  • Open Free Fire on your phone. Enter your profile by tapping on your name in the top left corner.
  • Tap on the pencil icon on the top left corner of your profile.
Free Fire V Badge 1
Tap the pencil icon on your profile in Free Fire.
  • Copy this code [b][c][ffd319]Ⓥ[i][FF0000] and paste it in the Signature text box. You can add any additional text to the box if you want.
Free Fire V Badge 2
Paste the code into the Signature text box on your profile.
  • This code will show as the V Badges in your Signature at the bottom of your profile.
Free Fire V Badge 3
The code will show as the V Badge in your Signature section.

You can check out the video below to have a better look at how to add Free Fire V Badge symbol to your profile.

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