Free Fire is known for having a huge collection of characters. Each character in Free Fire has a unique ability that will help players in different ways in battles. But in battle royale mode, the ability to survive is still the most important factor of all.

In this article, we are going to make a list of the top 5 Free Fire characters to survive longer in the game.

1. Chrono

When it comes to defensive power, Chrono is still the best option among Free Fire characters that will increase your chance of survivability. You can no longer use his skill as often now, but you can assure that you will be almost 100% safe whenever you use it.

Chrono Skill
Chrono's ability is still very powerful even after the nerf.

Chrono's ability creates a force field that blocks 600 damage from outside while Chrono can still shoot enemies outside. This means you can also use Chrono for offensive purposes as well. The only way for the enemy to counter it is to get inside the force field, which is almost suicidal. This makes Chrono insanely strong in a 1 vs 1 fight.

2. K

K is a very unique character in Free Fire. His ability Master of All allows you to switch between 2 modes. One mode increases your EP slowly over time while the other mode allows you to consume EP at a 500% rate. With these 2 modes, K pretty offers players an endless amount of healing.

Free Fire Captain Booyah Character
K offers a huge healing amount all the time.

When your HP is full, you can keep generating more EP to use when you need it. In critical situations, you can switch mode easily to heal quickly.

3. Wukong

Wukong is another great Free Fire character with an ability that will increase your survivability. However, Wukong's ability is used more often for offensive purposes than for defensive purposes. His skill has a really long cooldown but it will reset whenever you get a kill. Also, turning into a bush is not very effective when you are near the enemy.

Wukong Free Fire 1
After the buff, Wukong is now a great character for close-range combat.

Most people only use Wukong to get close enough to the enemy and kill them with an SMG or shotgun.

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4. Andrew Awaken

Andrew Awaken is a great buff to this old character in Free Fire. His ability will now increase the effectiveness of your vest along with its durability. This will significantly increase your survivability because most damage you take will be on your vest.

Andrew Awaken is also a very accessible character since anyone can get Andrew for free.

Awaken Andrew Free Fire
Awaken Andrew is one of the best free-to-play characters in Free Fire now.

5. Alok

Alok has been one of the best Free Fire characters since he was released. His ability is called Drop the Beat. It creates a 5 m circle around Alok that gives movement speed and healing to him and his allies.

With extra movement speed and healing, Alok offers players various gameplay options in both offensive and defensive situations.

 Alok 2
Alok's ability gives players both mobility and healing.

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