It doesn't seem like Garena is slowing down on releasing new weapon skin soon! A new one has just landed in the Free Fire OB28 and we're here to provide you with the very first look into it. The Lethal Finstooth Mini UZI skin will be a complete makeover for the legendary gun. So, what does this skin bring to the table, and how to get it in the game?

Lethal Finstooth Mini UZI Skin In Free Fire

The UZI has always been know for its insane fire rate that can shred through armors like butter. What this weapon lacks in damage it makes up for entirely with firing speed. However, players can pump its damage output even further with the new Lethal Finstooth Mini UZI Skin in Free Fire.

Lethal Finstooth Mini Uzi Feature
Check out the new UZI skin for Free Fire!

This skin will increase the UZI's range, ammo capacity, while slightly increase its reload time. But that extra range and ammunition are just way too good for this weapon.

How To Get Lethal Finstooth Mini UZI Skin In Free Fire?

The Lethal Finstooth skin for the Free Fire UZI is available in the Lethal Finstooth loot crate. Players can purchase and open the loot crate for a chance to win the new UZI skin. One crate costs 25 Diamonds or 100 Gold Coins, a quite reasonable price.

Lethal Finstooth Mini Uzi Ingame
You can use the tokens to exchange for the skin.

Upon opening the crate, you will receive one of the following items:

  • Mini UZI – Lethal Finstooth (Permanent)
  • 1 Finstooth Mini UZI Token
  • 2 Finstooth Mini UZI Tokens
  • 3 Finstooth Mini UZI Tokens
  • 4 Finstooth Mini UZI Tokens
  • 5 Finstooth Mini UZI Tokens
  • 10 Finstooth Mini UZI Tokens
Lethal Finstooth Mini Uzi Store
Purchase the Lethal Finstooth loot crate from the store.

If you're unlucky and couldn't get the UZI skin, you can use the tokens to exchange for it. The exchange options are:

  • Lethal Finstooth Mini UZI (24 hours) : 3 Finstooth Mini UZI Tokens
  • Lethal Finstooth Mini UZI (permanent) : 100 Finstooth Mini UZI Tokens

So, in order to unlock the skin permanently, you will need to have 100 tokens from opening crates. And since you can purchase crates with Gold Coins, it means you technically can grind for the Lethal Finstooth Mini UZI for free. It may take some time and a whole lot of Gold.

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