Free Fire is one of the most popular battle royale titles on mobile. The game was released in 2017 by Garena. Free Fire got popular quickly thanks to the dynamic gameplay and accessibility to all players.

One of the secrets that can determine your victory in the game is the Free Fire pro player settings. While the default HUD settings are decent, it is not flexible enough for high level plays.

Free Fire Pro Player Settings
Let's find out what Free Fire Pro Player Settings look like.

In this article, we are going to show you the top 3 best Free Fire pro players settings in 2021. These are some of the best Free Fire players in the world who have proved themselves in multiple big tournaments.

1. VasiyoCRJ7 Free Fire Settings

VasiyoCRJ7 is no doubt one of the best if not the best Free Fire player in India. He used to be a player of Total Gaming Esports. He is now playing for Galaxy Racer Esports. No matter which team he is in, he always brings out the best performance. VasiyoCRJ7 got the Fragger of the Year titles by Free Fire India Esports Award in 2020.

Total Gaming Vasiyocrj7
VasiyoCRJ7 has always been one of the best Free Fire players in India.

If you are a rusher player who is looking for a way to improve, you really should look into this guy, starting with using his Free Fire settings.

Below are the HUD settings of VasiyoCRJ7 in Free Fire. Overall, it is not too different from the default HUD. He pushes the D-Pad up a little bit, closer to the middle of the screen. The Gloo Wall button is right next to the left of the D-Pad so he can switch quickly.

Vasiyocrj7 Free Fire Settings
VasiyoCRJ7 Free Fire Custom HUD Settings

He enables the Quick Weapon Switch and places it to the right of the Fire button. On the left of the Fire button is the button to activating his character ability. VasiyoCRJ7's HUD settings actually have quite small buttons compared to other Free Fire pro player settings.

2. TheCruz Free Fire Settings

TheCruz is the rusher of team Phoenix Force (EVOS Esports TH), the champion of the Free Fire World Series Singapore. He is also the MVP of the Grand Finals, scoring 23 kills, half of the kills his team made in the Grand Finals. He is no doubt a beast, one of the best rusher players in the world at the moment.

Thecruz Free Fire
TheCruz is the Fraggers of team Phoenix Force, Free Fire world champion.

TheCruz and his team have been winning multiple tournaments and maintain their high performance for a long time. It is no doubt that his settings in Free Fire have played a very important role in his successes.

Below are the HUD settings of TheCruz in Free Fire. He increases the size of all the important buttons to 100, including the Jump, Crouch, Run, Ability, Fire, Backpac, Healing, Aim, and Grenade.

His Quick Weapon Switch button is placed right on top of players' status bars. Overall, his Custom HUD is actually not too different from the default HUD.

Thecruz Free Fire Settings
TheCruz Free Fire Custom HUD Settings

3. PAHADI Free Fire Settings

PAHADI is named as the Sniper of the Year in 2020 by Free Fire India Esports Award. He accumulated a total of 96 kills in the Free Fire India Championship 2020 Fall. A crazy number of kills that no one in the tournament can even come close to. PAHADI is currently playing for Team Elite.

In the Free Fire Tri-Series recently, PAHADI was the MVP with 75 kills on record in the Grand Finals. Even though his team only went second, it was very impressive nonetheless. Let's see what HUD settings PAHADI use that made him such as dealy sniper.

Critical X Pahadi
PAHADI always manage to get an insane number of kills in tournaments

Below are the HUD settings of PAHADI in Free Fire. PAHADI also increases the size of all important buttons to 100. He pulls the D-Pad back to the left corner and changes the Aim button to the left side. Right on top of the D-Pad is the Grenade button.

He pulls the Left Fire button to the top and puts the Quick Weapon Switch right next to it.

PAHADI changes direction using the space around the Right Fire button so he can easily use abilities, fire, changes weapons, or crouch quickly.

Pahadi Free Fire Settings
PAHADI Free Fire custom HUD Settings

You can check out his video below to listen to the detailed explanation from PAHADI about his HUD settings.

What do you think about these Free Fire pro player settings? Which Free Fire pro player settings do you think will fit you the most?

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