Unlike most other games, weapon skins in Free Fire can boost the stats of weapons. The difference can be really big between a weapon with a Legendary skin and a weapon with no skin. But skins can be very expensive and new players won't have skins for all weapons.

Luckily , there are some weapons in Free Fire that are really powerful or unique that they don't need weapon skin to be strong. In this article, we are going to make a list of 5 strong weapons in Free Fire even without a skin.

1. VSS-X

VSS-X is used a lot in many Free Fire pro tournaments right now because of its versatility. It has a built-in silencer and a scope, making it very annoying for the enemy to deal with. The VSS-X variant also makes the enemy bleed faster when they are knocked out.

Free Fire Smg List Vss
The VSS-X comes with a pre-attached silencer and scope.

Another great thing about the VSS-X is that it used SMG ammo, which is very common around the map, and you stored extra ammo for your SMG.

2. MP40

The MP40 has always been the strongest SMG in Free Fire and it still is. Skin or no skin, you will always take the MP40 because it is simply too powerful. With decent damage and an insane rate of fire, it can take down enemies within seconds.

Free Fire Smgs Mp40
The MP40 can deal an insane amount of damage even with no skin.

Of course, if you have strong MP40 skins to buff its damage, it would still be a better option.

3. M1887

The M1887 is another weapon that can take down enemies easily with or without skin. Other shotguns such as the M1014 and the SPAS will be much weaker without skin but not the M1887.

M1887 Tropical Parrot
The M1887 can burst an enemy within 2 shots

The reason is that the M1887 is built to end the enemy quickly within the first 2 shots. It doesn't make much of a difference if it has a little bit more damage or rate of fire. This is also why the M1887 is the strongest shotgun in Free Fire.

4. M82B

Sniper rifles in Free Fire can be varied in terms of damage, armor penetration, rate of fire. However, only the M82B has the ability to penetrate Gloo Wall and this ability is the most precious of all. With a few good predictions and you will be able to take down an enemy behind a Gloo Wall, something that no other weapons in Free Fire can do.

M82b Free Fire
The unique ability of the M82B is what special.

5. M249

Recently, the M249 has risen up to be the favorite weapon of many players. It is a machine gun that is used mostly in mid-range fights. With a huge magazine of 100 rounds, this weapon can crush an enemy's Gloo Walls or Chrono's shield like a piece of cake. In crouch or prone position, you will get extra 5 damage, making it even stronger.

M249 Free Fire
The M249 got buffed recently

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