Awaken Andrew "The Fierce" will be released in Free Fire on May 29. What is even exciting that you will get 15 Awakening Marks for free to upgrade your character.

Free Andrew Awaken
Log in to Free Fire on May 29 to upgrade your Andrew character instantly

Awaken Andrew "The Fierce" Ability

Awaken Andrew "The Fierce" ability can increase the effectiveness of your armor by 14%, plus making it harder to destroy. For each teammate who has this skill, which is super simple, you will get an additional 0.15% damage reduction.

Awaken Andrew
Awaken Andrew "The Fierce" ability is suitable for just about any combo in Free Fire

Andrew Awakening is one of the most awaited characters in the OB27 update of Free Fire. Not only his Awaken skill is super useful, but he is also a free-to-play character. You can get Andrew for free when you first start the game just by leveling up or you can buy him in the in-game store with Golds.

Awaken Andrew "The Fierce" Combos

Awaken Andrew can only protect you when the enemy hits your body. Your head is still a very vulnerable place. To cover this part, Wolfrahh is a good character to combo with Andrew. His skill can reduce up to 30% damage to your head while increasing up to 20% damage to the enemy's limb.

Another candidate to combo with Andrew is Hayato Awaken, another Awaken character that is getting the spotlight in this patch. Hayato Awaken ability gives you additional armor penertration and damage reduction when your HP gets lower.

Hayato Awaken Free Fire
Hayato Awaken is one of the best characters to have in the OB27 update of Free Fire

The total damage reduction when you combine these characters will be insanely high, especially when you are in low health, allowing you to make some good clutch.

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