Clash Squad is one of the two most popular modes in Free Fire. The mode features completely different gameplay than the battle royale mode. Players split into 2 teams and fight to win rounds. You have to buy your own weapons and the playing area is much smaller.

While the scale of the mode has small scale, there are many unique things that can happen during the match, special moments that all Clash Squad players have gone through.

First Round Fist Fight

In the first round, players don't have money to buy powerful weapons such as SMGs or ARs. Everyone only has a pistol and their fist. It is not uncommon at all to see many players not using their pistols at all, rushing to the enemy to punch them.

Clash Squad Free Fire
You only have a pistol in the first round

Unbelievable comeback

When you are having a 3-1 or even 3-1 score, the victory for your team is pretty much settled. But once in a while, the enemy team suddenly becomes crazy good and takes down your team one by one. What seemed to be a guaranteed victory turned into a loss. Surely many Clash Squad has gotten a taste of this feeling.

Freefire Clashsquadguide
You can still lose even though you are way ahead.

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Teammate auto-buy AWM

The AWM is a very powerful sniper but it is also the most expensive weapon in Clash Squad. If a player actually knows how to use the AWM then this could be a good move.

However, most of the time, players who buy an AWM as soon as they can, are mostly noob. They will end up losing their AWM, having no money for the next round, and become completely useless.

Free Fire Clash Squad Ranked
AWM is the most expensive weapon in Clash Squad

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Double Vector Everywhere

The Double Vector has been the worst nightmare for everyone in Clash Squad because people were overusing it too much.

Because of the high rate of fire and double damage in Akimbo mode, people have been abusing it in Clash Squad. It is very annoying for many players to keep running into a player with the Double Vector all the time.

Akimbo Vector Free Fire
People were abusing the Vector in Clash Squad too much

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