The AWM is among one of the most deadly weapons in Free Fire. The weapon can only be found in the airdrop, making it a really rare weapon. The sniper can finish a player with one accurate shot.

Awm Free Fire
The AWM is the strongest sniper in Free Fire

That being said, not all players in Free Fire know how to use the full potential of the AWM and make some mistakes. Some mistakes can be trivia while some can even cost you a game.

Here are the most 3 common mistakes when using the AWM in Free Fire.

1. Using a Muzzle instead of a Silencer

The AWM is a weapon with high damage and effective range. That means the Muzzle will barely give the weapon any benefit. Meanwhile, the Silencer can help to hide your position, which is essential for sniper players.

Free Fire Attachment
Silencer and Muzzle in Free Fire

It is always better to use a Silencer over a Muzzle with an AWM.

2. Getting too close to the enemy

While it sounds really obvious, many players make this mistake a lot. The reason is that they are too eager to get a kill. While getting close will help you get a better look at the enemy, it will eliminate the advantage of the AWM over other weapons.

If you are holding an AWM in Free Fire, it is best for you to stay on high ground, behind your team to provide them support.

3. Not having a close-range weapon

No matter what role or playstyle you have, you must always have one weapon for close-range and mid-range fights to pair with the AWM. The AWM in Free Fire can be the king of sniper but it will be useless if an enemy appears right next to you.

Awm Combo Free Fire
You should always use the AWM with another versatile weapon

Having weapons such as M1887, MP40, P90, SCAR will give you a fighting chance in all situations.

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