Close-range combat is a panic situation in Free Fire in which you need quick reflexes, good shooting skills, good game sense, and proper weapons. Here are the top four close-range weapons in Free Fire.

Top 4 Free Fire Close-Range Weapons

These are four highly recommended weapons for close-range combat in Free Fire.

Spas 12
SPAS 12 is the most powerful and easy-to-use weapon in Free Fire.
  • SPAS 12: It's a shotgun that uses SG ammo. It's is also the most powerful and easy-to-use weapon in this shooting game. This single-fire shotgun has huge damage of 97 that lets you finish the enemy in one shot only in short-range combat. You shouldn't miss any single shots or you can be killed. The default mag of this shotgun can hold 5 bullets. But you can use an extended mag to increase the ammo capacity.
Mag 7
The foregrip helps increase the effective range for MAG-7.
  • MAG-7: This is the latest shotgun in this battle royale with a base damage of 89. It is effective within 5m. Besides, you can equip some attachments for this shotgun, such as muzzle and grip to make it better. For example, the foregrip helps increase the effective range for MAG-7. Moreover, its large ammo capacity allows you to end the target within a bullet load despite missing one or two shots.
M1014 is the most balanced gun in this game.
  • M1014: It's known as the most balanced gun in Free Fire. This shotgun has the shortest effective range but it has a pretty wide mag size with 6 bullets per load. Therefore, you can still kill the enemy though you miss one or two shots.
M1887 has great ammo penetration and rate of fire.
  • M1887: It's the most powerful shotgun in Free Fire with the highest damage point of 100. Then, you can make one kill in one shot only. However, its mag size is very small. There are only two bullets per load. Thus, you are not allowed to make mistakes. Besides, M1887 has great ammo penetration, reload speed, and rate of fire.