The two main game modes of Garena Free Fire are Battle Royale and Clash Squad. However, from time to time, the devs introduce new ones to freshen up the game. There's a new game mode coming to Free Fire - the Pet Rumble mode. This could be a mode that comes from the collaboration of Free Fire and Among Us.

Free Fire Among Us Collab
Free Fire X Among Us

Let's check out what you need to know about the Free Fire Pet Rumble mode.

Werewolf Room Card

The Werewolf room will be a new custom room in Free Fire. In order to open a Werewolf room, players have to purchase the Werewolf room card from the store. Each room can hold to a maximum of 6 players.

Free Fire Pet Rumble Mode Pets
Create a custom room to play with your friends

The gameplay resembles that of Among Us. There will be 4 scientists whose task is fixing their laboratory while 2 Pranksters try to eliminate them. This game mode will feature a dynamic voice chat system. Players will be able to hear the voice of a teammate when standing nearby. Also, players will transform into their equipped pets.

Crisis Lab Map

The Crisis Lab map's layout is very much similar to the Skeld map of Among Us. This is the first of the maps that Garena will introduce. The main locations on the map are:

Free Fire Pet Rumble Mode Crisis Lab
Crisis Lab map in the Free Fire Pet Rumble Mode
  • Laboratory
  • Crisis Lab
  • Cafeteria (Spawn location)
  • Armory
  • Reactor
  • Garage
  • Shield
  • Security

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How to Play Free Fire Pet Rumble Mode?

There are two major roles in this mode: Scientists and Pranksters. Both have different tasks to complete, as we have explained above. The Scientist will win when they complete all the tasks or find out all the Pranksters. On the other hand, the Pranksters win when they successfully sabotage the lab or kill the Scientists.

Free Fire Among Us Collab Cover

Also, we cannot confirm whether pet skills can impact the gameplay. But speculations say the pets can alter the skill of the player in the Free Fire Pet Rumble Mode.


When the players get killed, they can spectate/view the whole match. However, they can only talk to other dead players, thus not ruining the whole game.

Pet Rumble Will Not Be Permanent in Free Fire

As interesting as it is, this game mode will not be available all year round in Free Fire. It's a special mode that only lasts during the event time.

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