Free Fire's character system is probably the most unique part of the game that no other BR has. Players get to mix and match 1 active and 3 passive skills to create their own unique combo of skills. These skill combos are critical on the battlefield - a good combo would give you a huge edge in getting a Booyah.

Free Fire
Free Fire Characters

However, upgrade skills cost resources - you can't level up all of them. In this article, we are going to list out the top 5 most versatile characters in Free Fire that you should level up.

Top 5 Most Versatile Characters In Free Fire

1 - Alok

2 years have passed since Alok's release in 2019, and the character remains one of the best and most balanced ever released in Free Fire. His ability creates an aura of speed and healing that lasts 10 seconds, which is perfect for both defense, offense and even team-based plays.

Alok Free Fire
DJ Alok is back to the top again after Chrono got nerfed.

Alok's ability can go with pretty much any passive skill in the game without much problem.

2 - Maxim

Maxim has spent a long time on the "weakest character in Free Fire" list. However, everything changed in the OB27 patch, with his ability getting buffed from 12 to 40%. This massively cut down the activation time of the medkit from 7 seconds to 4, let you get back to the battlefield much faster than before.

Maxim Free Fire
Maxim got buffed in the OB27, reviving an old combo in Free Fire

In an action-packed game like Free Fire, the 3 extra seconds could make a lot of differences.

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3 - Hayato

Hayato's Bushido is one of the few passive that outright boost damage in Free Fire. That's probably the reason why he is so popular. With Hayato's skill equipped, you would get extra armor penetration based on your current HP. The lower your HP, the higher the bonus.

Hayato Character In Free Fire
Hayato is one of the most popular characters in the game.

The passive works on any weapon including melees. It is probably why Hayato is so popular.

4 - Luqueta

Luqueta's passive increases your Max HP to 235 after 2 kills. While an extra 35 HP doesn't look like much, the best part is that you can heal it back to that level every time. The extra HP would prevent you from getting one-shot or two shotted with shotguns or sniper rifles, as these weapons are designed around a 200 HP target.

Free Fire Luqueta
Luqueta is based on a Brazillian football player.

Luqueta's passive can work pretty well with all skill builds in the game.

5 - Miguel

Gaining extra HP is always useful, no matter the skill build you are using. Miguel's passive lets you regain a whopping 80 EP after every kill. As long as you manage to get a steady number of kills, you won't have to buy any medkit at all. Furthermore, this skill synergizes with A124 and K's actives, which converts EP to HP at a very high speed.

Free Fire Miguel
Miguel's ability is super strong now - the numbers were lower in the past.

This is the end of our list for the Most Versatile Characters In Free Fire. Interested in more of our articles on Gurugamer related to Garena Free Fire? Please check out this post for the Top 5 Shooter Games Similar To GTA 5 Vs Free Fire On Android.