Free Fire's biggest tournament of the year, Free Fire World Series 2021, is going to begin on May 22. Similar to the previous World Series in 2019, Garena has prepared various new FFWS 2021 skins to commemorate the occasion.

In this article, we are going to list out all upcoming skins in FFWS 2021. It is likely that you can get some of the below skins via events, but most of them should cost diamonds.

1 - FFWS 2021 Vector

The Vector, one of the best weapons in Free Fire's OB27 patch, is getting a powerful legendary skin. The FFWS 2021 Vector comes with holographic colors of electric blue and futuristic design. This purple skin also has a pixelated animation effect similar to the AUG Chrono or AUG Cyber Bounty Hunter.

FFWS 2021 Vector
The FFWS Vector also has a specialized killfeed

FFWS 2021 Vector's Stats:

  • Range++
  • Magazine+
  • Accuracy-

Overall, this is a decent stat line-range is one of the stats that the Vector lack.

2 - FFWS 2021 MAG-7

The other new gun in Free Fire, the MAG-7, is also getting new FFWS skin. It looks fairly tame, however - without any of the colorful effects the Vector has.

FFWS 2021 MAG-7
FFWS 2021 MAG-7

FFWS 2021 MAG-7's Stats:

  • Range+
  • Magazine+
  • Reload Speed-

Range and magazine size is certainly a useful bonus for a shotgun.

3 - FFWS 2021 Backpack

FFWS 2021 Backpack
The crest also get bigger and bigger with levels

The FFWS 2021 backpack skin is based on the trophy of the tournament itself. From level 1 to 3, the trophy transforms from bronze to silver to gold.

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4 - FFWS 2021 Emote

This is one of the coolest emotes to date, with the characters performing an acrobatically shooting animation using the Akimbo FFWS 2021 Vectors. All emotes from FFWS look great - you must not miss them if you are an emote collector.

FFWS 2021 Emote
Free Fire World Series 2021 Emote

5 - FFWS 2021 Monster Truck

The FFWS 2021 Monster Truck skin is a blue holographic coat of paint, complete with the 'FFWS 2021 SG' logo on its hood. the 4 tires of the truck become blue as well.

FFWS 2021 Monster Truck
Free Fire World Series 2021 Monster Truck

6 - FFWS 2021 Surfboard

The surfboard has the same holographic effect similar to the Vector skin. Upon activation, the board would also emit a light blue effect.

FFWS 2021 Surfboard
FFWS 2021 Surfboard

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7 - FFWS 2021 Parachute

Similar to all other parachute skins, The FFWS 2021 parachute has the 'FFWS 2021 SG' logo in the center, with a purple base color background.

FFWS 2021 Parachute
FFWS 2021 Parachute

8 - FFWS 2021 Grenade

The FFWS 2021 grenade skin carries the same bluish-white theme as other items in the event, which makes its appearance similar to Gloo Walls.

FFWS 2021 Grenade
FFWS 2021 Grenade

9 - FFWS 2021 Mechanical Pup Skin

The mechanical pup is getting a new skin for FFWS 2021, in the form of shiny new armor. Overall not much of a change, as the pet already has a futuristic appearance.

FFWS 2021 Mechanical Pup Skin
FFWS 2021 Mechanical Pup Skin

10 - FFWS 2021 Panda Skin

The new Panda skin makes the pet looks more sophisticated and futuristic.

FFWS 2021 Panda Skin
Free Fire World Series 2021 Panda Skin

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