After the OB27 update, A124 has become one of the best characters in Free Fire. Her skill "Thrill of Battle" was massively buffed - the 60 seconds cooldown is reduced to only 10. This enables players to heal constantly in the middle of the fight, as long as they have enough EP.

In this article, we are going to list out the top 5 best skills to use in combo with A124.

1 - Miguel

Skill: Crazy Slayer - gain EP after every kill

Miguel's Crazy Slayer passive is probably the best to use in comparison with A124. After every kill, the user would get an extra 70 EP to burn... which is just enough to trigger Thrill of Battle. A124's biggest weakness is the EP cost of the skill... and Miguel's ability would remove it.

Free Fire Miguel
Miguel's ability is fairly underpowered but has great synergy with A124.

2 - Shirou

Skill: Damage Delivered - tag an enemy who hit Shirou, reveal their location and the first hit scored against them would ignore all armor

This skill is a perfect passive to combo with A124 - it lets you deal with enemies at all ranges. With the 100% armor penetration provided by Damage Delivered, even the highest armors and helmets are useless - especially if you are using a sniper rifle or a shotgun. If you are caught off guard, just activate A124's ability and fight the tracked enemy.

Free Fire Shirou
Shirou's ability is great for tracking enemies at long range.

3 - Luqueta

Skill: Hat Trick - Increase your Maximum HP with every kill, up to 35.

Luqueta's Hat trick is another ability geared toward 1vs1 fights. The bonus MAX HP is much more useful than normal heals, as you can get yourself back to that threshold repeatedly. At max level, you only need to score 2 kills to get your HP pool to 235. This along with A124's heal would give you a huge edge in a shootout.

Free Fire Luqueta
Hat Trick gives you a lot of extra HP

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4 - Hayato

Skill: Bushido - Increase your Armor Penetration the lower your HP

Another great skill to combo with A124 comes from Hayato. It is all about 1 vs 1 at the end of the game, and Hayato is probably one of the most effective damage-boosting abilities in that situation. The less health you have, the higher the armor penetration bonus... and with A124's rapid healing, you can afford to leave it low.

Hayato Awaken
Hayato's Bushido works best when you are in the midst of battle.

5 - Jota

Skill:  Sustained Raid - SMG and shotgun kill instantly restore 50 HP.

Jota's ability fits like a glove if you are going to use shotgun & SMGs in close-quarter fights. When triggered in combination, you can get up to 110 HP in just a short time after a kill. While this is not a big deal in solo fights, the bonus HP would definitely matter if you have to face more than one opponent.

Jota Free Fire
Jota's ability lets you deal with multiple enemies at the same time.

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