Garena Free Fire is the free-to-play Battle Royale that currently dominates the handheld platform. What sets it apart from other titles is the character system. Over the years, the game has introduced various unique characters, each owns a special ability. Players can freely choose one from the collection, depending on their preference and playstyle. In this article, let's take a look at one of the most aggressive characters in the game, A124.

a124 free fire
A124 came to Free Firein the game's 2nd anniversary

A124's Ability and Lore

In Garena Free Fire, A124 is a robot made with state of the art technology. She can toggle between two states of mind: the 18-year-old girl mode or the battle mode.

A124 banner
A124 is a great pick for agressive players

A124 is a powerpick of high-Elo players, thanks to her special ability "Thrill of Battle". It allows her to convert a part of her EP into HP instantly. Energy Points replenish part of the players' Health will give a drastic advantage in eliminating  enemies. Another popular tactic utilized by A124 mains takes a defensive route. They hide behind gloo walls until the last zones come and convert EPs to HP during a gunfight. Collect A124's Memory Fragment to upgrade her ability as well as unlock exclusive rewards.

  • #1 LEVEL 1 Convert 25 EP into HP, CD: 90s
  • #2 LEVEL 2 Convert 30 EP into HP, CD: 80s
  • #3 LEVEL 3 Convert 35 EP into HP, CD: 75s.
  • #4 LEVEL 4 Convert 40 EP into HP, CD: 70s
  • #5 LEVEL 5 Unlock AI Jacket
  • #6 LEVEL 6 Convert 55 EP into HP, CD: 65s.
  • #7 LEVEL 7 Unlock A124's Banner
  • #8 LEVEL 8 Convert 50 EP into HP, CD: 60s
a124 ability
Collect A124's Memory Fragments to upgrade the character

As you can see, the higher A124's ability level is, the more effective it becomes. Both the amount of EP converted and the Cooldown time are enhanced.