We always recommend Free Fire players buying the Free Fire Elite Pass in Free Fire for the best profit. This reward system provides a great opportunity to acquire a wide variety of exclusive in-game items. However, you do need to spend Diamonds to buy an Elite Pass.

Free Fire Mystery Shop Tab
The Mystery Shop is live in Free Fire!

There are two variants of the pass in Free Fire: the Elite Pass and the Elite Pass bundle. They go for 499 and 999 Diamonds, respectively. We're currently at the Season 36 of the Elite Pass with the theme of “Theatre of Torment”.

Also, the Mystery Shop is underway in Free Fire. Do you know that you can get a discount for the Season 36 Elite Pass Via The Mystery Shop?

How to Get A Discount on Season 36 Elite Pass Via The Mystery Shop?

The Mystery Shop event has recently arrived at Free Fire, offering numerous items at staggeringly low prices. However, the discount varies from one player to another. Those who haven't much in the game often get a better rate. Either way, you have to spin to see how much percent will be taken off your purchases!

Free Fire Mystery Shop Drawing
Spin for your Mystery Discount!

Here are a few rules of the event:

Switch Function

  • There are two prize pools in the event.
  • Players can use the Switch button to swap the current prize pool.
  • Switching back and forth between prize pools is available.
  • Once the Grand Prize of the current pool is obtained, the game will automatically be switched to the other.
Free Fire Mystery Shop Switch
Mind some simple rules first!


  • Purchasing normal items increases the Grand Prize Unlock progress bar.
  • You will get the Grand Prize when the progress bar is full.
  • The Elite Pass is one of the purchasable items in the Brokebone Deputy Bundle prize pool.
Free Fire Mystery Shop Elite Pass Discount
There's the chance for you to purchase the Elite Pass for cheap

So, if you only want the Season 36 Elite Pass, head for the prize pool with the Brokebone Deputy Bundle immediately. We cannot say for sure how big of a discount you will get, but it's definitely better than buying it at full price.

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