The Free Fire World Series 2021 is just days away and teams are all prepared to fight for the championship. The tournament is scheduled to start on May 22 until May 29. However, to ensure the safety of all players and everyone who is involved, there will be a Free Fire World Series 2021 delay.

The Play-Ins will take place on 28 May and the Grand Finals will be on May 30.

Free Fire World Series
To ensure the safety of everyone and comply with the local law, the tournament will be delayed

The Free Fire World Series 2021 Schedule and Format

The Free Fire World Series 2021 features a $2 million prize pool. There will be 2 stages: the Play-Ins and the Finals.

Due to travel restrictions, some teams cannot make it to the tournament. The tournament will go on with the remaining teams and a slight change in the format.

  • The Play-Ins (May 28): There will be 9 teams from different regions who will be fighting for 3 slots in the Finals.
  • The Finals (May 30): The 9 top teams from each region and the 3 top teams from the Play-Ins will be fighting for the $2 million prize pool and the championship title.
Free Fire World Series New
New schedule and format of the Free Fire World Series

Note that teams who can't make it to the Free Fire World Series 2021 will still receive a part of the prize pool.

List of Free Fire World Series 2021 Play-Ins teams:

  • DEA (MENA)
  • Attack All around (Thailand)
  • New Gank (Singapore)
  • HQ Esports (Vietnam)
  • Singularity Invincible (CIS)
  • Vaixourar (Europe)
  • LOUD (Brazil)
  • First Raiders Bravo (Indonesia)
  • God's Plan (Latin America)

List of Free Fire World Series 2021 Finals teams:

  • FLUXO (Brazil)
  • Team Aze (Latin America)
  • VIP Esports (MENA)
  • Geek Fam (Malaysia/ Philippines)
  • Evos Esports ID ( Indonesia)
  • Evos Esports TH (Thailand)
  • LGDS (Taiwan)
  • Burst the Sky (Vietnam)
  • Silence (CIS)

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