Free Fire has a large collection of weapons and even larger collections of weapon skins. Recent weapon skins in Free Fire not only make the weapons look good but also make them stronger. This is why weapon skin is a very crucial part of Free Fire. Having strong skins for your guns will make things much easier for you to get a Booyah.

While you will have to use Diamonds to get the best skins most of the time, sometimes Free Fire also gives away strong weapons for free in events.

In this article, we are going to take a look at the 5 strongest free weapon skins in Free Fire.

1. Winterland M14 Skin

  • Rate of Fire ++
  • Accuracy -

The Winterland M14 skin is one of the best M14 skins in Free Fire despite being a rare skin. The skin gives the weapon 2 Rate of Fire buff while only take away one accuracy. In fact, there are not many M14 skins in Free Fire that give this much Rate of Fire to the M14. The M14 Lively Beast skin also gives the weapon 2 Rate of Fire buff but you have to buy it.

M14 Winterland
Winterland M14 Skin

2. Cataclysm UMP Skin

  • Damage ++
  • Range +
  • Magazine -

The Cataclysm UMP Skin is one of a very few rare weapon skins in Free Fire that was given away for free. The reason was that the UMP wasn't a very good weapon back then. But the weapon has been buffed a lot in recent patches so consider yourself lucky if you have this skin now.

The skin gives 2 damage buffs to the weapon, 1 range buff while taking away a bit of magazine capacity. The weapon can not only deal more damage but have an improved range as well.

Catalysm Ump
Cataclysm UMP Skin

3. Cyber bounty Hunter MP5 Skin

  • Damage +
  • Range +
  • Movement Speed -

The MP5 Cyber Bounty skin was given for free during the release of Chrono a few months ago. While being a free skin, it gives some really decent buffs to the weapon. You will have 1 damage buff, 1 Range buff, while having a little slower movement speed.

Mp5 Cyber Bounty
Cyber bounty Hunter MP5 Skin

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4. Winterland Groza Skin

  • Rate of Fire ++
  • Accuracy -

Winterland Groza Skin is another skin that was given for free during a Christmas even in Free Fire. The Groza is already a very strong weapon, especially after the buff in the latest patch. With 2 Rate of Fire buff from this skin, it will deal even more damage.

The accuracy reduction might be a little annoy but you can just stop for a bit and fire again to regain accuracy.

Groza Winterlands Skin
Winterland Groza Skin

5. Dead Eye AK Skin

  • Rate of Fire ++
  • Magazine +

Rate of Fire is one of the best stats for weapons in Free Fire. That's why you will see the best weapon skins will always have a Rate of Fire buff. The Dead Eye AK skin is only a rare skin but it can give 2 Rate of Fire buff while only reduce the magazine capacity. With a weapon with high damage like the AK, this skin can boost up its power by a lot.

Dead Eye Ak
Dead Eye AK Skin

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