Free Fire has a large collection of characters and weapons. By now, you already know how important it is to have a good character and weapon combination.

If you follow Gurugamer frequently, you must have found for yourself a favorite character combo in Free Fire already. So in this article, we are going to take you to a higher level.

There are a few characters in Free Fire that will become unstoppable if you use the right weapons. Today, we are going to show you 3 character-weapon combos in Free Fire that you must know.

Character-weapon combos in Free Fire

Moco + M82B

Moco's ability, Hacker’s Eye, can track the location of the enemy she hit. You only need to hit once and the location of the enemy will be revealed to the whole team. This skill is super useful to track down the enemy. It is just impossible for the enemy to juke away from you even if they are in a city area.

Moco Free Fire
Moco combine with M82B is a super dealy combo.

In an open space, Moco's ability is also no less useful. The enemy will only have Gloo Wall as their best cover in an open space. But if you have Moco and the M82B sniper, their Gloo Wall is just practically useless. The M82B can penetrate Gloo Wall. Combine with Moco's ability, you can tell the exact position of the enemy and pin them down like a true hacker.

Shirou + M1887

Shirou's ability is called Damage Delivered, which tracks the players who shot him for 8 seconds and gives Shirou 100% armor penetration in the first shot against that target. The ability makes Shirou a perfect character to use one-shot one-kill weapons.

Shirou Character
Shrou can easily one sho tother player with the M1887.

The M1887 is a double barrel that has a high potential to take down the enemy with only one or two shots. Using this weapon with Shirou will make the weapon even more dangerous. This one of the best character-weapon combos in Free Fire.

The biggest weakness of the M1887 is that it only has 2 bullets. That means you will get into trouble if the enemy is still alive after 2 shots because you have to reload. With Shirou, your first shot will have a crazy damage output. Anyone who got hit by that shot should be dead or have very little HP left. Shirou also gives you the exact location of the enemy so you will be able to hit your shot quite easily.

You can also use a sniper rifle instead of the M1887 but it will be much harder to hit the enemy in close range with a sniper rifle.

Clu + Grenade

Clu's ability, Tracing Step, can reveal the location of all enemies in the 50 m radius who are not prone or crouch. This skill is especially good in a city are with many building. Once you know exactly where the enemy, you can easily take them down with Grenade.

Free Fire Clu
Free Fire Clu

Grenade is a powerful item, but it is not too useful if you don't have an idea of the enemy's location. Most of the time, people use it as an item to lure people out rather than to kill. But with Clu's ability, you can easily toss in a Grenade right next to the enemy without even having the line of sight. With Alvaro’s Art of Demolition, it will become even more devastating.

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