Shirou is a new Free Fire character with Damage Deliverer ability. He is more powerful and versatile than you think. Check out these tips and the best build to make the Free Fire character Shirou overpowerful.

Tips For New Free Fire Character Shirou

Shirou is a new character in Free Fire. His ability makes him one of the most versatile in this game. He can play both defensively and aggressively. Here are some tips to use this character effectively.

  • When taking damage, Shirou can locate the enemies nearby. Therefore, you can take damage from a car explosion to see the enemy's location.
  • You can also activate a landmine to take some damage and locate enemies around. Or else, you can also use Shirou to play as a scout and mark the enemy's location to inform your teammates.
Free Fire Shirou Character Ability
Free Fire Shirou Has A Passive Ability Called Damage Deliverer.
  • Activate Shirou's ability when shooting, especially when using a sniper rifle to knock down the target in one shot only. His ability helps increase the damage of each shot a lot. Therefore, you can make knock an enemy with only one shot to the chest with an SR.
  • You can use a grenade to cause damage to Shirou and locate the enemy. But you should heal before rushing him.
Take Some Damage To Locate Enemy
You can take some damage from vehicle explosion or landmine to locate enemies
  • The oil barrel is also a useful item to cause enough damage to Shirou and locate enemies. You can fire to bust a nearby oil barrel to cause some damage to this character.
  • Stay behind cover when using these tips to locate enemies because it's only effective and useful when the enemies are within an 80m radius. If you reveal yourself while getting damage, a sniper shot can knock you down.

Best Skill Combo And Weapons For Free Fire Character Shirou

  • Shirou is the best choice for Clash Squad mode. He can increase the gunshot damage to kill the enemy faster. In classic mode, loot a high-damage automatic gun and a sniper rifle for Shirou to make him powerful and versatile. You can still knock the enemy in one shot with a powerful SR like Kar98k or AWM without having to headshot.
    Shirou Best Skill Combination
    This is the best skill combo for the Free Fire character Shirou.
  • The best skill combo for Shirou includes Chrono's Time-Turner skill. It's the best skill to equip for this character in Solo mode, especially when you play aggressively. You can activate this skill to make a shield and engage right away in open combat.
Shirou And Chrono Combination
Use Chrono's shield in open combat
  • Kelly's ability is also a must-equip ability for Shirou. When you take damage from the enemy and locate the enemies when going scout, dash to a safe place, inform your teammate, and make a smart plan to rush and clear the whole enemy squad.
Use Mocos Ability For Shirou
Equip the Hacker Eye ability of Moco to make Shirou more versatile.
  • Moco's Hacker Eye ability will help you clear the enemies from a distance and enemies hiding behind Gloo Walls in solo combat. It would be safer if you cannot locate enemies outside the effective area of his Damage Deliverer ability.

In short, you should use an AR and an SR. Besides, use Time Turner, Dash, and Hacker Eye abilities to make this character more powerful and versatile.

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