Garena Free Fire lets players equip three further skill slots for each character. Here are the five best active abilities for fraggers or in-game leaders in this shooting game.

#5. Dead Silent

This is Rafael's active skill. It's the best ability for sniper players in this game. You need to kill enemies quietly when playing as a sniper. Therefore, you need to equip this ability to your character. When activating this skill, your gunshot sound will be hidden in the minimap within 8s. Moreover, the cooldown time is 50 seconds. It's enough for you to knock the one to two enemies down.

Rafael Dead Silent Skill
Rafael's Dead Silent Skill

#4. Tracing Steps

Clu's active skill is very useful for aggressive players. This skill lets you locate the enemies within 45m. Moreover, you can also share the location of the target with your allies when this character reaches level 4. Then, equip this skill to your current character and be the best scout of your team.

Clu Active Skill In Free Fire
The active skill Tracing Steps of Clu

#3. Master Of All

This active skill of K is also worth equipping. It's one of the best active abilities in this game for in-game leaders and medics. It helps him increase his EP as well as teammates' EP. Moreover, he can restore EP every 2 seconds. Therefore, you can play aggressively without having to stop to heal.

Equip Master Of All
You Should Equip K's Ability - Master Of All

#2. Drop The Beat

When DJ Alok was introduced in this game, his active skill became the best active skill in Free Fire. This skill lets your character increase the movement speeds of his teammates when they stay inside his beat aura. Moreover, you can also restore HP automatically.

Dj Alok Drop The Beat
The Active Skill Drop The Beat Of Dj Alok Is Very Powerful

#1. Time-Turner

It's said to be an OP skill that makes Chrono too powerful. Many players have complained about his OP skills. But it's undeniable that Time-Turner is the best active skill in Free Fire. It's not only powerful but also versatile. You should equip it to your character to make him stronger regardless of your playstyle.

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