One of the best ways to get good loot in Free Fire is by finding the airdrop. The airdrop is dropped on the map on a random location by a plane. In the airdrop, you can get premium items such as M79, SVD, M249, AWM,...

Free Fire Airdrop
Free Fire Airdrop

Since the airdrop contains so many good items, it is obvious that there are many players who will go hunt for it. In addition, the light beam emitted from the airdrop makes it really stand out.

In this article, we are going to reveal to you some tips to get the airdrop in Free Fire safely.

Use a vehicle

Since the location of the airdrop is random and the map is big, there is a high chance that the airdrop will be far away from you.

Free Fire Vehicle
Vehicles will allow you to get the airdrop faster.

Having a vehicle will allow you to get there quickly before other players. You can also use the vehicle as a cover while looting the airdrop. Make sure you pick the fastest vehicles to arrive early.

Use UAV Lite

The UAV Lite is an item in Free Fire that allows you to know if there is an enemy nearby. You can scout out the airdrop area first with the UAV Lite to get the Airdrop in Free Fire safely. If there is an enemy then you can make a choice to fight or getaway.

Uav Lite Free Fire
UAV Lite can scout the area for you.

Have a teammate to cover for you

If you are playing in a Squad mode or Duo mode, you can have your teammates cover for you while getting the airdrop. Regardless, you still need to take the look around the area first and make sure everything is safe.

Squad Free Fire
Your teammate can watch your back for enemy while you are looting.

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