In the spirit of the franchise, Call of Duty Mobile brings a gigantic arsenal of weapons to the mobile gaming scene. From melee weapons to heavy machine guns, this game has it all. But out of the selections available, some are clearly getting more attention than others. COD Mobile players seem to go crazy about the Hachi, or the Katana. So, today, we'll show you how to get Hachi in COD Mobile!

What's the Hachi in COD Mobile?

The Katana, or the widely popular Japanese long sword, has been a staple in the Call of Duty franchise. It appears in various installments of the series, making players feel like noble samurais. The Katana made its first debut in Call of Duty: World at War, and remains until today.

Cod Mobile Hachi Knife
The Hachi is a blueprint for the knife skin in Season 6 Once Upon A Time in the Rust Update.

In Call of Duty Mobile, the Katana appears as the Hachi. Nevertheless, it is still a lethal melee weapon that cuts and slashes through everything standing in its way. The Hachi is also a blueprint for the knife which was added in Season 6 Once Upon A Time.

Cod Mobile Hachi Crate
The Hachi was first available in the Ancestors Crate.

The Hachi comes in 7 color variants:

  • #1 Hachi
  • #2 Hachi - Dragonfang
  • #3 Katana - All Hallows
  • #4 Hachi - Bladeware
  • #5 Hachi - Porcelain Yazuka
  • #6 Katana - Guardian Spirit
  • #7 Katana - Koi Pond

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How to Unlock the Hachi in COD Mobile?

So, the question is how to get the Hachi sword in COD Mobile? Previously, the Hachi Katana can be acquired from open crates. It was available in the Ancestors Crate of Season 6 when the sword first launched in the game. If you wanted the Hachi back then, you would have to save up CP to buy crates and wish for the best!

However, things are a little bit easier now in Season 11 of COD Mobile. The game starts to employ several lucky draw systems, mostly gacha. Players can draw these spins to win legendary skins and, of course, the Hachi.

Last Halloween, COD Mobile opened the Halloween Draw Redux. The main attraction of this draw was the infamous Hidora Kai skin and the legendary AK-47 Pumpkin Head. And let's not forget about the Katana – All Hallows skin.

Unlock the Hachi via Lucky Draw

By far, this is the only way to get your hands on this rare item. The Hachi is very hard to acquire. So, if you're desperate for one, and we mean desperate, spend your money to buy CP first. Then use the CP tp spin for the Hachi.

Cod Mobile Hachi Spin
Spin to win your Hachi variant from the luck draws.

But do note that there's no guarantee that you will get the skin. It's entirely up to chance. You may get it on the first try, or on the 100th. That's how to get the Hachi in COD Mobile 2021.

How to Get The Hachi in COD Mobile for Free?

Activision does notice the community's interest in the Hachi Katana in Call of Duty Mobile. Unfortunately, there is no free one in the current season, though 7 variants are in existence. But it seems like the game developers are under discussion to find a way around it. In the upcoming season, players may be able to grind or acquire a Hachi for free. Of course, you can only grind certain variants.

Cod Mobile Hachi
There is no method of grinding for a Hachi, at least for now.

However, it's the story for the future. As of now, you can not grind for any Hachi katana for free. Or is it? If you know where to look, you can also wield this methal piece of melee weapon yourself.

So, how to get the Hachi COD Mobile free? You can always try out that weapon in the upcoming Swords and Stones game mode. Here, every player will start with a Hachi by default. We do understand that this is merely a try-out for the weapon. But it's also the best you can get for free!

Cod Mobile Hachi Epic
You can try out this weapon for free in the upcoming Swords and Stones game mode.

Take some time to try the katana out, see if you really like it. If you must have it in Call of Duty Mobile, spend some CP to acquire one.

That's everything you need to know about how to get Hachi in COD Mobile! This melee weapon is a rare one to grab in the game, but it surely cuts deep. If you like our article here, hop on over to our website at for more!

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