Krafton has just announced the return of PUBG Mobile India with a new teaser and updated social media. The game will be named Battlegrounds  Mobile India instead.

The PUBG Mobile community in India was thrilled to hear about the return of their favorite title. However, the game hasn't got an official release date yet.

Many players cannot wait for the return of the game so they searched for the PUBG Mobile Battleground APKPure file on the internet. However, these APK files are not the official game and they can be even harmful to your security and privacy.

1. Fake PUBG Mobile Battleground APKPure Apps

APKPure is a third-party app store for Android. It offers a lot of games and apps for players for free and is used by millions of users. Recently, due to the returning announcement of PUBG Mobile India, many fake PUBG Mobile Battleground APKPure apps have emerged on the app.

Battleground Mobile India Apkpure
There are many fake Battleground Mobile India apps even in Google Play Store

While APKPure can provide a lot of games and apps for free. A lot of apps here come from users themselves, meaning that there is a lot of fake apps.

Most of these apps are just different games with a misleading title to lure players into downloading. However, some apps might even embed with virus and malware that can steal the information in your phone or break it.

Fake PUBG Mobile Battleground APKPure apps are not the only ones. These scam apps appear a lot even on Google Play Store and other stores. It is best for players to not download these apps and wait for the official release.

2. Battleground Mobile India Release Date

On May 06, Krafton changed all the addresses and names of PUBG Mobile's social media channels into Battlegrounds Mobile India. A teaser was also released to announce the return of PUBG Mobile to India.

However, there has been no Battleground Mobile India release date yet.  According to Ocean Sharma, a famous PUBG Mobile caster and YouTuber, the game might be released in June. We know for sure that before the game is released, there will be a Pre-registration phase that lasts for one or two weeks.

"As I previously stated, there will be two major announcements in May, one of which has been made today. Also, if this was just a teaser, the trailer could arrive by the end of the month if everything goes according to plan. Because this was only a baby step, the game could be available by June."

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3. Battleground Mobile India Social Media

The latest news and announcement about PUBG Mobile India will be announced on the official social media channels of Battlegrounds Mobile India.

Battleground Mobile India
The official website of Battleground Mobile India

Here are all the new Battleground Mobile India's new Social Media channels.

4. Battleground Mobile India Privacy Policy

In order to return to India, the game had to go through some major changes in its privacy policy to meet the strict requirements of the government. Here is every new Battleground Mobile India privacy policy.

  • Not collecting, using, or sharing any personal information for those under 18 years of age without verifiable parental consent or as permitted by law.
  • If a user is under 18-years, they will need to provide the mobile phone number of their parent or guardian for consent.
  • Users who are under 18 can only play the game for three hours every day.
  • Users who are under 18 can only spend ₹7,000 a day.
Battlegrounds Mobile India 2
Battleground Mobile India will have new exclusive features and policies.

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All of these new policies are to protect young children from getting too absorbed into the game and neglecting their life. It also prevents them from spending too much money without the consent of their parent. If you are more than 18 years old then these policies wouldn't affect you at all in any way.

Apart from new policies for players under 18 years old, the game also has some new features and changes to make it more suitable for Indian players.

  • The game will set in a virtual training ground in the future instead of a battleground.
  • The hit effect will be a green effect instead of having red blood.
  • At the start of the game when you create your character, the character will have default clothes instead of being half-naked.

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