Every since the detrimental ban back in last year's September, KRAFTON has been burning candles on both ends, trying to get PUBG Mobile back to India. In November, the popular Battle Royale game sparked hopes among fans after announcing a new, dedicated version for the Indian server. And today, we have information leaking that the new version will be taking on the name of Battlegrounds Mobile India.

Why India Bans PUBG Mobile?

The Indian Government banned PUBG Mobile and PUBG Mobile Lite along with over 100 other Chinese mobile applications, back in September 2020. They accuse these apps of stealing users' data and transferring it to an abroad server. India considers this a threatening act upon the country's integrity. The ban came after the escalating tension between India and China along the LAC border. 

Pubg Mobile 1
PUBG Mobile and PUBG Mobile Lite were banned from India.

What is Battlegrounds Mobile India?

After successfully negotiating with the Indian Government, PUBG Mobile announced its return to the country. However, the game now has to oblige the local laws, toning down on the violence. It will have more localized features to aid Indian players. And apparently, PUBG Mobile will also change its name.

Pubg Mobile India Version Tecent
KRAFTON parted ways with the Chinese tech giant Tencent Games to revive PUBG Mobile in India.

For so long, fans have been addressing the Indian version of the game as PUBG Mobile India. But as it turns out, KRAFTON seems to have other ideas. Trusty sources say PUBG Mobile will relaunch as Battlegrounds Mobile India.

Is The Leak True?

So far, there has not been any confirmation from KRAFTON's side regarding Battlegrounds Mobile India. However, a report from GemWire has the proof to back up this claim.

Battlegrounds Mobile India Domains
The new domains confirm the claim

Until now, KRAFTON has registered 4 domains under the name of Battlegrounds Mobile India. They are:

  • #1 battlegroundsmin.com
  • #2 battlegroundsmindia.com
  • #3 battlegroundsmobilein.com
  • #4 battlegroundsmobileindia.com

Upon reaching the websites, GemWire reports massive changes to the images on the site. Previously, they said "PUBG Mobile India coming soon", but now, it's "Battlegrounds Mobile India coming soon". It seems like the devs are working on the finishing touches on the backend of the game.

Battlegrounds Mobile India
New images about the interface start flooding the Internet

Though we can not say this in absolute certainty, it's very likely that Battlegrounds Mobile India will be the name for PUBG Mobile India!

When will KRAFTON Release Battlegrounds Mobile India?

So far, we must inform you that there has not been any correct information about this matter. We only know the Indian version of PUBG Mobile is coming very soon. As if things go according to KRAFTON's plan, they may release the game somewhere this summer. Be patient!

Pubg Mobile India Version
PUBG Mobile is coming back to India very soon

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