PUBG Mobile has finally been making its way back to India after almost a year. The famous Battle Royale game was banned from the country along with 118 other applications. It came as a major shock to the whole Indian PUBG Mobile community.

But on November 12th, 2020, PUBG Corp. announced the comeback of their hit title. Needless to say, fans of PUBG Mobile in India have been eagerly waiting ever since. However, this comeback will not just be the same old game as we knew it before. Instead, it's a brand new version of PUBG Mobile in India with three very interesting features!

Top 3 Features in PUBG Mobile India

#1 Enhanced Data and Server Security

The primary cause of PUBG Mobile being banned from India was the concern about data security and privacy issues. And apparently, that will change in PUBG Mobile India. The game officials announced that they placed a significant focus on protecting players' data security and privacy.

Pubg Mobile India Version Tecent
PUBG Corp. parted ways with Tencent Games for the Indian market

Therefore, in PUBG Mobile India, players will have a totally different experience. You can expect faster load time, and of course, better ping. Slow ping and unstable connection to the server will definitely be improved.

#2 In-game Dynamics Changes

The second biggest feature in this version of PUBG Mobile will be the changes in the in-game dynamics. Being an India-specific version, PUBG Mobile India will dive deep into the country's culture, creating the base for new outfits and events.

Pubg India Release Leak
PUBG Mobile India will dive deep into the country's culture

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Also, the old bloody red hit damage effect will be replaced. It's one of the steps to reduce the violence element in the game. On top of that, this version introduces a new feature called play-time limit. As the name may suggest, it will limit the playtime of PUBG Mobile gamers to maintain their mental health.

#3 Better Competitive Environment and More Tournaments

PUBG Mobile India will also focus on promoting domestic tournaments for players in the country. The game places a major interest in re-building the Indian eSports scene and motivates more players towards making a career out of PUBG Mobile.

Pubg Mobile
The question is: When will PUBG Mobile India release?

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