PUBG Mobile fans might finally be able to rest easy in the near future. The recent weeks have brought growing suspicion about the fate of PUBG Mobile India, with a new game called 'PUBG: New State' being front and center. While most PUBG Mobile fans are hyped about the news, some of them suspect that New State is going to replace PUBG Mobile in India.

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However, these worries can be relieved for now, with quite a few influencers and content creators spreading their insider news about PUBG Mobile India.

The situation of PUBG Mobile India currently

Everyone probably knows that the game was banned by the Indian government back in September last year along with quite a few other apps from China, due to the border conflict. The game's server in the country was shut down 2 months later.

Pubg Mobile India Comes First

Since then, PUBG Mobile has been transferred from the Chinese company Tencent to the original developer of Krafton... and they are constantly trying to get the game back into the market.

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PUBG Mobile Influencers are hinting about the game's inevitable return

To get the game back, the developers have created a brand new, separate version of PUBG Mobile for India only. There have been various leaks alluded to possible release dates on December last year and March this year, but nothing happened yet.

After months of waiting, there might finally be a light at the end of the tunnel for PUBG Mobile fans. Recently, the popular Indian YouTuber / PUBG content creator GodNixon Gaming has just released a video claiming that PUBG Mobile India was finally greenlit by the Indian Government for a re-release.

Former PUBG Mobile Pro player and streamer TSM Ghatak 'Abhijeet Andhare' also published a cryptic tweet, hinting about 'good news for Indian PUBG Mobile fans' that would come in the next 2 months. However, the guy also asked fans to not inquire about a concrete release date, as details about the release are still pretty sketchy at the moment.

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