PUBG’s developers for both the PC and Mobile versions are constantly pushing out new content updates in order to keep the player base’s attention. While the game is banned in India at the moment, quite a few players are still playing it using other servers. Because of that, they would have the chance to experience yet another new map on the next update.

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In this article, we would list out everything you need to know about the new Karakin map of PUBG Mobile. The map is going to come out of April 7.

1 - About Karakin

Small size and low player number

This map is super small - it's only 2x2, about the same size as Livik. With the size of the map being 16 times smaller than Erangel, you can expect to get into a fight as soon as you land, no matter where your landing location is. Because of the small size, the maximum number of players on this map is only 64.

Underground bunkers

This map would have a lot of depth for its size. There are three levels of elevations - the ground, tall buildings on the surface and underground bunkers + tunnels. These are known as "smugglers' tunnels". Not every bunker has a tunnel and not all tunnels are connected to each other.

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Breakable walls and floors

Players can create their own shortcuts through walls and floors using the sticky bomb. This, in turn, creates yet another level of strategy, as you can use the map to flank your enemies at an unexpected angle. Some of the walls can even be shot through - you can even score kills if your enemy is hiding directly behind that.

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Demolition Zone

The demolition zones in Karakin are even more dangerous than the red ones - the bombs would constantly be dropped out of the sky and can even destroy buildings. Players would be forced out of cover immediately.

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2 - New items

2 new items are added to the map: Sticky bomb and Panzerfaust. The former is a throwable that can destroy walls after sticking to it - players can create shortcuts or find hidden places this way. The latter is a powerful rocket launcher that can destroy walls and deal damage to people behind it.

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The Karakin map would temporarily replace Vikendi in the map roster of PUBG Mobile.

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