PUBG New State, Krafton's Replacement for PUBG Mobile in India, is almost here. The pre-register phase is going to be live very soon on both the Google Play Store and Apple App Store. In this article, we would list out everything available to date about New State.

1 - Details about the new map

Similar to the original PUBG, New State is going to have only one map on release. The new map, Troi, is going to be very similar to the legendary Erangel in nature, with 100 players landing on an 8x8 km battleground, where they fight each other until only one left standing.

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2 - Futuristic weapons and vehicles

The world of PUBG New State is set in the near future of the year 2051 - there would be a lot more futuristic items introduced in-game, along with a brand new array of vehicles. Drones, shields, turrets and even explosives would take the spotlight in the game, alongside the usual shooter experience.

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All the usual mechanics like the blue zone, drop crates, flare gun... would remain the same - with a fresh new coat of paint. The weapon rosters of both games are going to be big - while New State is going to get a completely different roster, they are likely to be just futuristic versions of the current ones. There would still be SMGs, ARs, Shotguns, Snipers...etc.

The new weapon customization feature would drastically change how the gun work - it might even add new functions like grenade throwers.

3 - Ultra realistic graphics

According to the developers, the game would exceed the boundary of mobile graphics. It would look on par or even better than Call of Duty Mobile. The minimum requirements for running the game would be somewhat higher than usual - you might need Android 6 or above for it to work.

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4 - How to Pre-register for PUBG New State

Players just need to get to the main page of the game on the Google Play Store and select the big green "Pre-register" button. There is also an option to install the game automatically when it is available for download as well.

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