PUBG Mobile players sometimes make mistakes, especially in panic situations. Here are the top 5 recent mistakes in PUBG Mobile you should never make if you want to get pro.

#1. TPP - FPP Switch Mistakes

Many PUBG Mobile players do not know when to switch between TPP and FPP. Then, they do not switch between TPP and FPP correctly. Many players switch to FPP when moving in open ground or spotting enemies. It can be a deadly mistake because the FPP limits your field of view. In specific, players will have a 360-degree view in TPP mode and a 180-degree view in FPP mode.

Fpp Pubg Mobile
Don't switch to FPP when moving on open ground in PUBG Mobile.

Therefore, you cannot spot enemies behind you in FPP mode. It's recommended that you should only switch to FPP mode when using shotgun and pistol. Besides, FPP is more effective in close fights, hip-firing, and rushing situations. Meanwhile, you can dodge more bullets in TPP mode.

Tpp Viewing Angle
TPP mode has a better viewing angle.

#2. Run Into Pre-Fire

When the enemies pre-fire when rushing you, be patient when reflexing. Don't run into pre-firing or you will be killed before you can reflect. You should dodge and wait until the enemies run out of bullets to fire back. Pro players have great timing skills, so they know when to shoot back well.

Run Into Pre Fire
You will die when running into prefire.

Then, you need to improve your game sense to know when to fire. While the enemy is pre-firing, you should keep moving and dodge and wait for him to reload. It's the best time to fire back.

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#3. Only Fire In One Direction

Many noob players only fire forward when they go forward. If those players get shot from backward, they tend to keep running forward. This awkward reaction will make you die soon. Therefore, firing in only one direction is one of the most stupid mistakes in PUBG Mobile that you should avoid. Try to shoot in different directions to stay alive in 1v2 or 1v4 situations.

Shoot In Different Directions
Remember to shoot in different directions!

#4. Lose Concentration

Losing vigilance and concentration during combat is a deadly mistake, especially when you nearly clutch in a 1v3 or 1v4 situation. The last man standing is often the best player of the opponent team. Therefore, don't underrate your enemy even when you have knocked two or three members of his team.

Heal your HP before dealing with the last enemy but don't waste too much time and allow him to revive his teammates. Then, move and jump like a pro player to make his aim choke. The last survivor of the enemy team is more likely to make mistakes due to mental pressure when his teammates are crawling on the ground. It's your chance to clear.

Dont Underrate Enemies
Don't underrate enemies!

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#5. Underrate Teamwork

Another stupid mistake in this game is underrating your teammates. Then, they often go solo although they select squad mode. These self-conceited players will have to leave the match when they get knocked because they are often a thousand meters away from the rest of the team. Consequently, no one can come to revive them when they get knocked by a more pro player. Teamwork is very important in squad mode.

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