PUBG Mobile snipers have great sniping skills. There are many pro snipers in India and all over the world. Let's go to find who is Sniper King in PUBG Mobile in India and in the world now.

Who Is Sniper King In PUBG Mobile In The World?

Moza, Ruppo, Coffin, etc. are the most famous names of the best PUBG Mobile snipers in the world. Their mind-blowing sniping skills will make you amazed. Moreover, you can also learn a lot of sniping tips from those PUBG Mobile players with GOD-Like skills.

#1. RRQ Moza

Moza Sniper Pubg Mobile
Benny Moza is one of the best PUBG Mobile sniper players in Indonesia.

This sniper is a PUBG Mobile pro player in the team RRQ. This is a pro esports team from Indonesia. They are rarely absent from big PUBG Mobile esports tournaments in South East Asia. Moza is a pro sniper. Moreover, he can play all roles very well. Moza can be a great fragger in the early stage of the match. Then, he will be a deadly player in long-range combat when having a Kar98k or AWM in his hands.

#2. Ruppo

Ruppo Kd Ratio
Ruppo has an insane K/D Ratio.

A lot of PUBG Mobile players have ever watched Ruppo's video many times. Ruppo is a famous PUBG Mobile YouTuber with over 4 million subscribers. He often gets insane numbers of kills when using sniper guns, such as Kar98k, M24, and AWM. Ruppo often makes about 25 to 50 kills per match, especially when he uses sniper guns. This pro sniper can master the bullet drop very well.

#3. Coffin

Coffin Pubg Mobile
Coffin often plays solo matches or goes solo in squad mode.

Coffin is also a popular PUBG Mobile sniper in the world. His aiming speed will definitely blow your mind. If you are finding who is the best sniper in PUBG Mobile, don't forget this name. He can even snipe with a holographic sight. Coffin often plays solo matches or goes solo in squad mode. He can clear many teams with his sniper guns and get Chicken Dinner. Sometimes, he even uses SRs as short-range weapons.

#4. IBE

IBE is also a famous PUBG Mobile YouTuber but his subscriber count is not as high as Ruppo's and Coffin's. His aiming speed is insane. He can put the crosshair accurately right after opening the scope. Moreover, he can also aim and snipe while moving. It's hard for normal players to aim and keep the crosshair stable when you move, but he can. That's why he often plays as a sniper in both solo and squad modes.

#5. BTR Zuxxy

Btr Zuxxy
Don't be tricked by his childlike appearance. Zuxxy is a formidable rival in PUBG.

Zuxxy is a PUBG Mobile professional player in team BTR, a.k.a Bigetron eSports in Indonesia. His sniping skill is really insane. For example, he knows where to place the crosshair and aims to shoot. This pro player can master all SR but he often uses bolt-action sniper rifles, especially Kar98k.

#6. Athena Gaming

This is a PUBG Mobile pro player from South Korea. He can play well in all roles, including fragger and sniper. Therefore, Athena Gaming often gets Chicken Dinner when he plays solo or duo modes. It's not a surprise when this PUBG Mobile YouTuber often clears many teams to get Chicken Dinner in solo vs squad matches.

Who Is Sniper King In PUBG Mobile In India?

There are many PUBG Mobile pro snipers in India with great skills and mind-blowing performances, such as Dynamo, Snax, Franky, etc.

#1. Daljitsk

Daljitsk India
Daljitsk is one of the best snipers in India with amazing sniping skills.

If you want to find who is the best sniper player in PUBG Mobile India, let's watch Daljitsk's performances. He is a PUBG Mobile esports pro player in TeamIND. When TeamIND is not busy with PUBG Mobile competitions, Daljitsk often goes live-stream on his YouTube channel and makes audiences go nuts with his amazing sniping skills. He can aim and pick enemies' heads very fast. Moreover, his movement prediction is very excellent. Therefore, he can finish moving the target accurately with bolt-action SRs.

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#2. Franky

He is a pro sniper of Fnatic (Mobile), one of the best PUBG Mobile organizations in India. That's why you will usually see him using sniper rifles during his games. Moreover, this player can still play well in the role of fraggers and supporters.

#3. Ronak

Ronak is a pro player in Oxygen Esports. He has helped his team got the first prize in many PUBG Mobile esports tournaments, such as PUBG Mobile All-Stars India 2019, PUBG Mobile Club Open - Spring Split: India, NIMO Streamers Battle, and PUBG Mobile India Series 2019. Ronak is also a popular PUBG Mobile streamer and YouTuber.

Pubg Mobile Ronax Sniper
Ronax mastered all bolt-action sniper rifles in PUBG Mobile, so he can use those weapons in all ranges of combat.

#4. Snax

Snak is also a sniper and assaulter in TeamIND. He also has a YouTube channel with over 631k subscribers. Don't surprise if you see him headshot and kill some enemies 500-800m away from him with a Kar98k or M24. If Snax has an AWM in his hands, this pro sniper can clear many players to get Chicken Dinner, even when he encounters other pro players. You will definitely die if Snax spot you, even when he is very far from you.

#5. Dynamo

With over 9 million subscribers on his Youtube account, Dynamo is one of the best PUBG Mobile players and YouTubers in India. Dynamo Gaming made a lot of interesting content but the most attractive content of this PUBG Mobile YouTuber is sniping montage. He has a lot of mind-blowing performances when using bolt-action sniper rifles, such as Kar98k, M24, and especially AWM.

Those are the best sniper players in India and all over the world. You can learn many sniping skills from them and become one of the best snipers in the world. Then, your name will be the answer to the question of who is Sniper King in PUBG Mobile.

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